Shannon-Lee Sloane (Brisbane based)

Shannon looks after the Brisbane side of things for GC Live and has a huge love and passion for music. She is a publicist for Hard Drive Agency/Octane Entertainment, manages Juicy Blue Entertainment and is an editor, writer and artist scout for Overdrive Music Magazine. She looks after Promotions for Wallapalooza Festival and also writes for Scenstr magazine. Shannon has always loved music from a very young age, used to sing in bands and has been going to gigs since her early teens. Shannon also currently manages local Brisbane Death Metal band, Fermented.

Favourite Artists: Foo Fighters, Grinspoon, Warpaint, King Parrot, PJ Harvey, Melanie Martinez.

Favourite Brisbane Artists: Fermented, Awful Noise, TrashQueen, Fox N Firkin, Stoker, Ellis Dewald, Lagerstein, Descent, Oldtown, Wildheart, Valhalore.

First Album: Bangles – Different Light.

First gig: Smashing Pumpkins at Festival hall


Terresa Allen 

Based on the Gold Coast, Terresa could well be considered a triple threat – photographer, writer and lover of live music. While her musical tastes now rest somewhere between wide and varied, she first cut her teeth on and still remains very partial to the Australian rock scene. Always on the lookout for a great live show and a spot to dance, if you happen to see her out and about make sure you stop and say hi.

Favourite Artists: Midnight Oil, Divinyls, Waifs, Spiderbait, RHCP.

Favourite Gold Coast Artists: Hot Teas, Mason Rack Band.

First Albums: The first one given to me – Huey Lewis and the News – Sports 1983. The first one I brought myself – Divinyls – What a life! 1985.

First concert: WHAM – my mum took me 🙂


Tam Schilling (Brisbane based)

Tam has always had a passion for music starting from a very young age playing various instruments in local bands from when she was 10. It was in her teenage years that she discovered her love for live music. Tam is always out either supporting a local band or an International band at least once a week.

Tam Started doing Band Photography one year ago & found a new passion that she could mix with her passion for live music.

Favourite Artists: Cradle Of Filth, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue, Grinspoon

Favourite Brisbane Artists: Darkcell, Zac BNJMN, Trinatyde & Nick Tart Band

First Album: Cradle Of Filth – Midian

First Gig: Big Day Out 2001

Tam GC Live

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