Shannon-Lee Sloane

Shannon, also known as The Colourful Writer, has a love and passion for music that has been with her all her life. Working as a freelance writer, promoter, artist coordinator, online editor, band manager, social media manager and more for various music sites, bands, gigs and festivals. These include (past and present) Scenestr. Magazine, Dead Of Winter Festival, Overdrive Music Magazine, Cutthroat Folk Festival, Lagerstein and Dirty Brew. She has also previously worked as a publicist for Hard Drive Agency. Shannon's annual music festival, MoonDoll Music Fest is held in June each year. 

Favourite Artists: Kaosis, The Bennies, Foo Fighters, Grinspoon, Motley Crue, Warpaint, King Parrot, PJ Harvey, Melanie Martinez, The Dead Love, DREGG, Bat For Lashes, Mammal, Tex Perkins, Triple Kill, Sia, Helmet, Allday, Dune Rats, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. 

Favourite Local Artists: PistonFist, Mister Sister, Odius, Awful Noise, TrashQueen, Fox N Firkin,  Ellis Dewald, Lagerstein, Descent, Oldtown, Massic, Hammers, Osaka Punch, Death Co, The Automaton, Gutterfire, Mitch, Please, Slurpee Jerks

First Album: Bangles – Different Light.

First gig: Smashing Pumpkins at Festival Hall

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Elizabeth Sharpe

Elizabeth is Shannon’s right-hand-girl at GC Live and is a passionate live music photographer.

Elizabeth was raised surrounded by music, eventually taking over her Dad’s gigs at a local pub, singing and playing guitar.  Although her own gigging days might be behind her, save for a few sneaky performances here and there, Elizabeth keenly attends, supports, and promotes local, interstate, and international shows under her alias @Ummagummamumma

Favourite Artists: Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project,  Cog, Whoopie Cat, Machine Gun Fellatio, K’s Choice, The Desert Sea, Portishead, Angie McMahon, Suzanne Vega, Neil Young.

Favourite Local Artists: Hammers, Ellis Dewald, Patient Lounge, Big Whoops, Junior Danger, RHINO, Cub Sport, Baltimore Gun Club, Massic

First Album: Master Of Puppets - Metallica (on cassette), Rage Against The Machine - (self titled, on CD)

First gig: That’s a tough one… it was either John Williamson at Roma Town Hall - OR John Fogarty at Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

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Tracey Moyle
Editor + Writer
As far back as I can remember music has been my driving passion in life.  I grew up in the 70’s  listening to my music loving mum play her favourites such as Neil Diamond, Queen, Meatloaf (and several country bands I won’t go into) constantly and found my love of music as varied as hers with my vinyl collection including Abba, Fleetwood Mac, Kiss and more. But Rock, Punk and Metal stole my heart from the beginning.  My favourite era of music is the 90’s as I see it as the rebirth of Rock music with meaning and passion and creating a platform of influence for so many bands of today.   I am a self confessed live music addict and spend most of my time juggling my busy family, a marriage celebrant business and my live gig calendar.  I plan on doing what I am doing for as long as I can, no matter what age. 🙂
Favourite Artists: Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Sum 41, Halestorm, Rise Against, Thousand Foot Krutch, Pop Evil, Devilskin, Living End, Grinspoon, Spiderbait. 
Favourite Local Artists: Regurgitator, Violent Soho, The Butterfly Effect, Dead Letter Circus,  Caligula's Horse.  And absolutely love Gold Coast bands These Four Walls and Mass Sky Raid.
First Album: Probably Abba when I 5 or 6 lol….
First Concert:Kiss at Lang Park (Suncorp Stadium)  1980  
Natalie Blacklock
Editor + Instagram Queen + Writer

By day, you’ll find me in a classroom moulding the minds of tomorrow’s citizens, teaching Secondary School English, History, Geography and Legal Studies. But by night, I live and breathe live music! In the last 7 years, I’ve been to more than 750 shows – so chances are you’ve probably seen me down the front of a stack local and international gigs at least once!

Favourite Artists: Birds of Tokyo, Bodyjar, Ceres, Frank Turner, Gang of Youths, Grinspoon, Luca Brasi, Millencolin, Parkway Drive, PUP, Rise Against, The Bronx, The Hard Aches, The Getaway Plan, Yungblud

Favourite Local Artists: Ball Park Music, Butterfingers, Dead Letter Circus, Dune Rats, DZ Deathrays,  Jeremy Neale, Powderfinger, Regurgitator, The Amity Affliction, The Butterfly Effect, The Cutaways, The Grates, We Set Sail, Violent Soho, WAAX

First Album: The Offspring - Americana (1998)

First Gig: Kisschasy, Limbeck & Trial Kennedy @ The Arena - July 16, 2006

Hannan Paul
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Tam Schilling

Tam has always had a passion for music starting from a very young age playing various instruments in local bands from when she was 10. It was in her teenage years that she discovered her love for live music. Tam is always out either supporting a local band or an International band at least once a week.

Tam Started doing Band Photography one year ago & found a new passion that she could mix with her passion for live music.

Favourite Artists: Cradle Of Filth, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue, Grinspoon

Favourite Local Artists: Darkcell, Zac BNJMN, Trinatyde & Nick Tart Band

First Album: Cradle Of Filth - Midian

First Gig: Big Day Out 2001

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Emily Hollitt
My passion for the local scene really began with my time at Griffith University's Bachelor Popular Music and embracing the local community while developing my own music career under the name Malina Claire. I enjoy everything and anything sad; music that makes you feel something.
Favourite Artists: at the moment are Julien Baker, Montaigne, Phoebe Bridgers and Lady Lamb.
Favourite Local Artists: Tesla Coils, Cub Sport, Peach Fur, KYA, Phoebe Sinclair, Athena Joy, Hazel Mei, Ball Park Music, Sahara Beck, Lucalion- too many to name!
First Album: 'The Secret Life of... The Veronicas' which still BOPS to this day, although I did have a cassette with half Nicki Webster and half Bob the Builder...
First Concert: My first ever was definitely The Wiggles however I was lucky enough to catch Julien Baker at her first ever Brisbane Gig and it was possibly the most beautiful gig I've ever seen. Nothing more magical than a dance floor full of people stood completely still, absolutely mesmerised. 
Eden Campbell

Ever since I was a child, I have always had an affinity with the creative and performing arts. I started singing before I was even walking, and always craved a musical outlet…No matter how obscure (Think: Three year old feverishly running circles around parent’s living room to Andrew Lloyd Webber musical soundtracks).  Having grown up in the eclectic ‘rainbow region’ of northern NSW, navigating the thriving local creative arts scenes came as second nature. My interest in local music and theatre served as a precursor to my relentless itch for having my finger on the pulse when it comes to all things music related.  In 2018, with a degree in media and communications, and an unwavering desire to write under my belt, I relocated to Brisbane to fully immerse myself in its immense music scene. One year on, and I am elated to join the Good Call Live crew!

Favourite Artists: Radiohead, Grimes, Alt J, FKA Twigs, Aurora, Silversun Pickups, Joy Division, Enter Shikari, Pale Waves, The Mars Volta, Fever Ray, Purity Ring, HANA, Fall Out Boy (circa: 2004-2008) Panic! At The Disco (circa: 2005-2011) , My Chemical Romance (circa: 2002-2006), Son Lux, Bring Me The Horizon, AFI (circa:2006), Willow Beats, At The Drive in, Florence + The Machine (circa: 2010-2011), Cat Power, Bat For Lashes, The Used, Circa Survive, Run The Jewels, Mike Oldfield, Sigur Ros, Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin

Favourite Local Artists: He Danced Ivy, Mecha Mecha, Bad Sext, The Steele Syndicate, Bugs

First Album: Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

First Gig: Either Parkway Drive or Coldplay. Can’t remember which one came first.

Rangi White

Hullo! It has come to my attention that as a result of the incredible music portrayed daily in our local scene, I’d be amiss not to get involved with the like-minded creatives who put in all the hard work into helping the public get a load of it all!! My name is RangI White, I play drums for two of the bands that constitute part of the plethora in Brisbane, “Big Whoops” and “Concrete Palms”, and I can think of no better way of helping myself and the people around me become more involved with local musical happenings than joining GC Lives creative force!  I’m super stoked to be a part of this team, and I advise everyone to keep an eye out for epic things to come!

Favourite Artists: are Slayer, Slayer and Slayer.

Favourite Local Artists: are the ones who’s gigs I can remember.

First Album: ... I can remember loving was “Appetite” by Gunners

First Gig: Violent Soho and Parkway Drive at “Live it Up” 2014…the first of many!! 

Ash Wallace
My number one passion is, and always has been live music.  Especially the Brisbane music scene. To me, nothing is better than supporting your local music scene, I'm one to never say no to a gig. My music taste is varied and quite diverse but i mostly gravitate towards metal/rock/punk and all subgenera in between. I'm also very passionate about community engagement and events, what a perfect match! 
Favourite Artists: Parkway Drive, The Offspring, Antagonist AD, Clowns, The Menzingers, Terror, Blink 182, Alpha Wolf and Ocean Grove
Favourite Local Artists: She Cries Wolf, Amity Affliction, Walken, Beddy Rays, Minus Life, Absolum, Lagerstein
First Album: Endgame-Rise Against
First Gig: Soundwave 2013
David Cheney

Hi, I’m Dave and I’m a sound sponge, happily soaking up all the wild music that come my
way. I shamelessly protect my eclectic soft spot for mainstream pop acts, extreme heavy
bands, experimental producers and anything in between that has colour, tension and energy.
I have a tendency to become completely obsessed with new groups who are grinding away
creating honest and expressive music; it’s an itch I never want to stop scratching. The power
of live performance is such a thrill to me as both a performer with my experimental alt-rock
band ‘He Danced Ivy’ and also as a punter, rocking out and getting a well earned backache
in the crowd. Looking towards the future, I can’t wait to be a creaky old man still trying to
throw a guitar into the air, maybe I’ll catch it with my walking frame...
Favourite Artists: At The Drive-In, Vince Staples, Hiatus Kaiyote, The Dillinger Escape Plan,
Deafheaven, Bon Iver, Slint, Queens Of The Stone Age, Cloudkicker, Christina Aguilera,
Nine Inch Nails, Lior, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, August Burns Red, FKA Twigs,
Kaytranada, Diplo.
Favourite Locals: Bad Sext, Bugs, The Steele Syndicate, Semantics, Patient Lounge, Opus
Of A Machine, Meliorist, Caligula’s Horse, Mecha Mecha, Walken.
First album: Savage Garden (Self Titled)
First gig: Simon and Garfunkel (Final tour, 2009)

Terresa Allen

Based on the Gold Coast, Terresa could well be considered a triple threat – photographer, writer and lover of live music. While her musical tastes now rest somewhere between wide and varied, she first cut her teeth on and still remains very partial to the Australian rock scene. Always on the lookout for a great live show and a spot to dance, if you happen to see her out and about make sure you stop and say hi.

Favourite Artists: Midnight Oil, Divinyls, Waifs, Spiderbait, RHCP.

Favourite Local Artists: Hot Teas, Mason Rack Band.

First Albums: The first one given to me – Huey Lewis and the News - Sports 1983. The first one I brought myself - Divinyls - What a life! 1985.

First concert: WHAM - my mum took me 🙂

Brett Ensbey

Whether he was listening to his dad play the guitar, hearing his mum’s old school rock on the stereo or “borrowing” albums from his older sister, Brett was always surrounded by music growing up. But it was discovering Nirvana at 12 years old that made him want to play. After recording their Unplugged in New York performance off MTV, he would watch it daily, rewinding it over and over trying to mimic what Kurt Cobain was playing on the screen in front of him. Now, many years later he can be found still ripping off Nirvana riffs with his band in venues all around Brisbane.

Favourite Artists: Nirvana, White Zombie, Against me!, Rancid, Misfits, The Doors

Favourite Local Artists: Flangipanis, SLOJ, Being Jane Lane, Goon on the Rocks,The Cutaways

First Album: The chipmunks Rock the House

First Gig: (Not So) Big Day Out Acacia Ridge

James Lavel

For as long as I can remember I have always been surrounded by music. I can still hear Paul Kelly, Crowded House and Dire Straits echoing through the halls to this day. The difference is they’re now playing through my stereo in place of my Dad’s. I remember bugging him to re-string his old guitar that had been retired in a corner for years. Once I wrapped my hands around it I knew what I wanted to do. Today, Music is who I am. In addition to supporting the local scene and writing about music, I play Lead Guitar for Swamp Gully Howlers and bass for The Automaton. I also hate myself enough to work full time in between.

Favourite Artists:  Mastodon, Baroness, Clutch, Gojira, Paul Kelly, Blues Pills, Rancid, NOFX, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton…

Favourite Local Artists:  Karnivool, Gutterfire!, Stoker, Shandy, Flangipanis, The Sweet Formidables, Righteous, Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders, Mojo Juju, Cog, Ellis Dewald, Hammers + about a million more.

First Album: I think the first album I ever bought was either double cd pack of Rage Against the Machine; self-titled/Evil empire or Pantera - Far Beyond Driven.

First Gig: The first gig I remember going too was a Grinspoon gig back in 05. I remember Shihad supporting and their live show blowing me away. I can distinctly recall singer Jon Toogood running across the stands of the convention centre to this day.