Good Call Live Contributors Manual

Updated 10/06/2020

PLEASE always refer to this for ALL submissions. 

Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer.
Elizabeth Sharpe – Ummagummamumma – Live Music Photography.

At Good Call Live, we pride ourselves on working together as a team, a family of music lovers with the intention of bringing our readers and fans the best weekly gig guide, music news, interviews, album reviews, live gig reviews and live gig galleries that we can. We want to support our local musicians, bands, live music venues and all our fellow music industry workers. Working together; not competing. We want working for Good Call Live to be enjoyable and something you do for the love and passion of it. So put your heart into all that you do and enjoy it! We are grateful to have a team of creative souls on board and we thank you for your time, effort, work and dedication. In saying that, we do have rules and standards we wish to stick to, to ensure Good Call Live is of top quality and appreciated and respected as a music website, so please always refer to our contributor’s guide and feel free to check with Shannon and/or Elizabeth about anything you are unsure of.

Standard Rules For ALL Written Submissions:

All written submissions must be checked over thoroughly before submitting. Make sure you have all your details correct such as the correct spelling of band names and musicians names. Correct tour dates, correct song titles etc.

All written submissions must have all band names, musician names, record company and touring company names in bold. All song titles are to be in italics. All album names are to be in inverted commas like this: ‘Album Title’.

Please always check your spelling and punctuation before submitting your work.

Please always check you have band names correct, right down to if they write their name in ALL CAPITALS or with odd spelling, etc. Same goes for band members names, be sure to double check everything. 

All written submissions must include links to the bands socials and listening platforms. Sometimes the band will have a link tree link that links to everything. Other times you will have to provide them all separately:

Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Spotify // Soundcloud …etc etc etc 

All submissions need to be emailed to BOTH Shannon and Elizabeth at the above-mentioned email addresses.

Gig Reviews:

All gig reviews MUST be submitted by 4pm the day after the event unless an extension has been granted prior to the event.

Please include at least one paragraph for each support band and two or more for the main act. Always include an opening paragraph to introduce the gig, tour and venue details and a closing paragraph as an overall summary of the whole event.

There is no word limit on gig reviews but please make sure they are not too short. Anything under 500 words is not acceptable. 

Please always include a tour poster and a list of tour dates plus the ticket link (unless it is the last show of the tour).

If there is no Good Call Live photographer at the gig, please include a couple of YouTube links to the band or musicians music clips and one photo of the band (be careful where you take the photo from, it is ok to take a photo from the bands Facebook page or website, but not from Google due to Copyright)

Album Reviews:

If you are given an album or EP to review, you will usually have two days from the date you are issued with the album or EP to submit your review. This will differ according to embargoes, release dates and instructions from the PR or band, sometimes you will have much longer to submit your review.  Minimum of 500 words for an EP, no maximum. Minimum of 700 words for an album, no maximum. 

Be very careful when issued an album or EP that has not yet been released to the public. Bands and artists trust us with their unreleased work for review, so it is under no circumstances to be shared or used other than for yourself to listen to, to review.

Please include the album/EP artwork and a photo of the band in high res and a YouTube link or two relevant to the album. These should all be included in the email with your album/EP stream.

Make sure you add the link to order or pre-order the album or EP at the end of your review.

Make sure to include ALL band/artist links at the end of your review like this:

Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Spotify // Soundcloud …etc etc etc 


Once you have advised us that you are keen to take on an interview, you will be copied into an email with the band/musicians publicist and/or the band/musician directly to arrange a time suited with everyone to do the interview. These can be a phone interview, email interview Q&A or occasionally Skype or Zoom interview. You will be advised in the emails as to what type of interview it will be and will receive more instructions then.

Always make sure you have back up for your interview! I can not stress this enough. If you use a recording app on your phone, make sure you also record it on your laptop or on another recording device. It is the worst thing ever when an interview doesn’t record!

Interviews have no minimum or maximum word limit. But please be aware, especially with bigger artists, you will likely only get 15 to 20 minutes to chat with them. You will be advised in the emails what topics you are to cover, for example a new album, a tour, etc. Make sure you cover these topics first before you ask any other questions you wish to include in case you run out of time. The interview is due to be submitted 2 days after the day you do the interview, unless otherwise advised.

Make your interview fun for the person you are interviewing. Bands and musicians get asked the same things all the time, so try to be creative with some of your questions. Obviously, you have to ask some standard ones too. Some bands and musicians are doing about 10 interviews in one day or night. So let’s stand out from the crowd and be really great at what we do!

Make sure to include ALL band/artist links at the end of your interview like this:

Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Spotify // Soundcloud …etc etc etc 


Occasionally there will be opportunities to write other things such as feature articles. These will come up from time to time and it will be advised then what you need to do.

Gig Reviews:

All gig reviews MUST be submitted by 4pm the day after the event unless an extension has been granted prior to the event.

Photography Submissions:

All photo submissions have a 4pm next day deadline, unless extension is organised and granted prior to shooting.

Please consider your role as being a photo-journalist when shooting live shows on behalf of Good Call Live.  You want to be capturing the moments and keeping as true to what actually happened as possible.  Try not to over-edit (pesky colour corrections are completely acceptable).  Please also respect the rules of the venue and the artists when on the job for Good Call Live. Stay safe and have fun!

For general quantity requirements, average gig galleries should include 10-20 shots of the main act, and between 5-10 of each of the support acts.

Please save your individual gallery shots as “artist namesequential numeric value.jpg” and submit by emailing your cloud storage link (Google Drive/Dropbox) to both AND

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