JAS. Shows New Kind Of Honesty Through Debut EP ‘Along The Way’

Today, Naarm/Melbourne based singer and songwriter Jas. releases her debut EP ‘Along The Way’, showcasing her journey from discontent to perseverance through introspective and honest songwriting.

‘Along The Way’ is an impressive voyage from start to finish, with Jas.’ reflective lyricism and captivating vocal talent, she weaves through genres of Pop, R&B and blissful Ballads.

From the opening Lifeboat, which harnesses bad dreams as a metaphor for how we can sometimes feel trapped in our everyday lives, to the closing track Dusk 2 Dawn which acts as a reflective piece on the journey and experiences through the EP, Jas. touches on themes of adversity, self-doubt and (eventually) resolution. Relaying an honest depiction of these relatable topics through carefully sequencing the tracks, listeners are taken on a relatable journey, detailing the adversities of self-doubt, and the dreams that fuel us in overcoming them.

Jas. calls on Hy-Lo label mate and producer YAAK throughout the entire project. The pair had previously worked together, with singles Wish You Well, Care Too Much and the recently released Ordinary. Their chemistry is undeniable and echoed through ‘Along The Way’ where we witness a cohesive, albeit sonically diverse body of work.

Ordinary (the lead single) represents a shift in perspective, applying poignant songwriting together with dreamy synths, snappy drums and production shifts. Initially intended to be a stand-alone piece, however, the track marked a clear sense of evolution in her artistry and growth. Jas. and her label Hy-Lo Creative saw potential for more, paving the way to what became the EP and an accompanying music video.

Speaking about the EP, Jas. says “Life throws so many hurdles at us and it can sometimes feel like we’re stuck in a routine that doesn’t satisfy our idea of success. But ultimately, these experiences are part of the journey that leads us to where we want to be. We learn lessons, take on challenges that require persistence, and are faced with difficult decisions every single day. Remember that if something means something to you, stick it out in the face of adversity and eventually, you’ll be exactly where you want to be.”

With a headline show set for December 3rd at Colour Club (Melbourne), the addictive yet relatable sentiment she displays as an artist is destined to be loved by the masses. Infused with honesty, triumph and brilliant artistry, there isn’t a doubt that Jas.’ debut EP is going a (very) long way.


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