NOAH DILLON Returns With New Single + Video ‘Drifting Apart’

Following the massive success of his 2021 EP ‘Don’t Change For The World (Like It’s Changing Me),’ and ahead of a national tour supporting Hope DNoah Dillon today shares an anthemic new single and video, Drifting Apart. 

Played first on triple j Good Nights, Drifting Apart announces itself with a whir of sirens and twinkles. The song kicks in with a drum intensity that instantly recalls Dave Fridmann’s work with the Flaming Lips. As the rest of the instruments join the ensemble, they paint a sonic tapestry that is cinematic in scope, without ever forgoing the brilliant simplicity of the pop song structure. It’s a clear statement of intent from Dillon and should leave fans salivating for more.

Dillon shares, “Drifting Apart was written about relationships collapsing due to both people growing in different directions. The feeling of holding onto what a relationship was whilst you feel each other grow up and apart. It was originally written as a ballad on my piano at home, we then pushed ourselves to explore a sonic range we hadn’t delved into before. I took inspiration from the instrumentation of Flaming Lips, the bite and grit of Kanye West and the emotional honesty of Phoebe Bridges. It was a beautifully collaborative process between the band, myself and producer Andy Lawson (Tired Lion, Death By Denim), we hope you enjoy it!”

The accompanying video, directed by Jude Ella, is an eerie dive into Noah’s mystical wonderland. Dillon explains, “We shot the video at Sydney prop studios whilst we were on tour with Sly Withers. We wanted the video to feel like an exploration through my brain and through the different layers of relationships. Jude and the team were amazing at capturing the emotion and visual representation of the lyrics.”

Dillon‘s exuberant live presence and ability to write songs that beautifully capture the human condition has earned him an array of plaudits from the Australian music community and beyond. In 2021, he signed his first record deal with Dew Process, earned consistent national radio play for singles That’s Just How I Feel and Alive And Kicking, and ticked off a bucket list item, performing triple j’s Like A Version. Dillon and his band have wowed audiences across the country with headline tours and support slots for the likes of Holy Holy, San Cisco, Spacey Jane, Teenage Jones and Paul Dempsey.

Drifting Apart is out now via Dew Process

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