DREAM WIDOW: DAVE GROHL Releases Metal Album

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

Just in case you weren’t already blown away by the phenomenal amount of cool shit Dave Grohl has been doing recently, he thought he’d blow our minds completely and release a METAL album. Yep, you heard that right, Dave has unleashed a new album and it’s 8 tracks of pure metal madness all stemming from the new comedy/horror movie, ‘Studio 666’. 

The fictional band featured in the movie is Dream Widow and stars the Foo Fighters who rent out a mansion in Encino to record their 10th studio album. They soon discover the house is haunted and from there the story becomes one of a crazed band who envelops the curse of the band from the past and follows the same murderous path. 

The album that Dave has now released has blown away everyone who has been blessed enough to tune in. All true Dave/Fooies fans would know, understand and appreciate just how hard Dave works at all he does. This album is no different. In all the tracks, Dave plays the majority of the instruments himself, with some help on guitars and keys from Jim Rota, Oliver Roman and fellow Fooie, Rami Jaffee. 

Still reeling from his recent ‘metal/heavy rock’ cover of Lisa Loeb’s Stay. I wasn’t sure where Dave was planning to take me next, but I had a very special opportunity to tune in to the album before its release and I jumped at the chance. Oh and if you’ve not heard his cover of Stay with Greg Kurstin, check it out HERE. You’re welcome. 

The Dream Widow album features eight tracks, kicking off with Encino which from the very opening note had me sitting back in my chair with my mouth open and a warm fuzzy feeling of ‘Oh hell yeah, he’s done it again, Dave has gone and blown my fucking mind!’ it’s heavy as hell and sure to impress even the heaviest of metal fans. Track two is Cold and this one has big Metallica vibes but mixed with some more sludgy doom metal energy in there too. It’s riff heavy and immense in its delivery. Two tracks in and my heart is full of love for this heavier display of Dave’s seemingly limitless and never ending talent.

Track three is the already released March of the Insane, which blew some minds when it was unveiled last month. It’s thrashy, it’s fast, it’s heavy and it’s best played fucking loud. Track four sounds more like Foo Fighters than any other track on the album. But of course, much heavier. With some echoing vocals here, it’s hauntingly good.

Angel with Severed Wings again hits us with that fast paced riff reminiscent of some Iron Maiden. Through each track there are glimmers of all the great heavy bands that ever were and perhaps ever will be. Come All Ye Unfaithful features a decently fitting scream of “Cooooooomeeee all ye unfaithful” that will have you wanting to wreck your neck as you tune in. 

Becoming starts of a little slower. Bring back the riff, but slower. Kicking off with some softer Pantera energies (Cemetery Gates, This Love) and then maybe some Clutch or Kyuss vibes in there too. This track is a stand out for me.

Now we hit the final track. The final, 10 minute track! 10 minutes of chaos – with every vocal style and almost every metal and heavy rock genre packed in there that you can think or dream of. I simply have no words for this track. You’ve just got to tune in for yourself. Make a cup of tea/coffee or pour yourself a glass of good quality whisky and focus on nothing else but this song. Let it take you away. I already can’t wait to hear it again.

I only got to listen to this phenomenal album once and via a special advance meeting/ ‘tune in’ opportunity. So it’s not the way I’d normally review. But by hell or high water, I was making sure I did not miss out on the opportunity to tune in to this masterpiece. I knew before I even heard it that it would be brilliant. But I didn’t know it would blow my mind in the best way possible. Dave Grohl, you’ve done it again. Truly the God of rock and now metal too? Is there anything the man can’t do? (the answer is a resounding no, in case you had any doubt)

The Dream Widow album was recorded at Studio 606, engineered by Darrell Thorp, Oliver Roman and John Lousteau, assisted by Jerred Polacci and Charlie Lo Presti, mixed by Darrell Thorp at 101 Recording and mastered by David Ives. It is digitally released via RCA 25/03/2022.

With thanks to Dallas Does PR + Sony Music Australia

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