PAULINA Reveals Graceful New Ballad ‘Nobody’

17-year-old Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Paulina has just launched her poignant new single Nobody – produced by Tim Bettinson (Vancouver Sleep Clinic) and Luke Jenkins.

Nobody is an engrossing folk ballad highlighted by Paulina’s exquisite vocals and fervent acoustic strums. Tender atmospherics and reverberating percussion accompany dutifully, melding to create the most elegant of dynamic changes, lifting and swaying with Paulina’s touching vibrato. This helps lend emotional gravitas to the track’s already heartfelt lyrics and effortless storytelling.

Paulina talks about the inspiration behind Nobody: “Nobody is an exploration of happiness which can be found within oneself. It also delves into the envy and frustration other people have of those individuals who find true happiness for themselves. The lyrics centre around someone who has found that joy within their life but must continue to watch others suffer in their own anguish and fake their so called ‘happiness’. As much as you can sometimes dislike a person, I personally find there’s always a part of me that still wants the best for them and doesn’t want them to fall deeper and deeper into their own self-inflicted misery.”

Paulina is currently a finalist in the 2022 Queensland Music Awards in the Youth Category  (Ages 10-17) for her 2021 single Parasite. Born in Germany and raised in Queensland, Paulina is quickly showing her capability to write uniquely emotive songs, capturing the true essence of her songwriting subjects in her purest performances, taking cues from luminaires Jorja Smith and Amy Shark.

Previous releases have been widely embraced by Spotifytriple jtriple j Unearthed and Australian community radio. In the blogosphere, her tracks have been supported by the likes of The MusicThe AU ReviewMusic FeedsLivewireAAA BackstageSomething You SaidSounds of OzGood Call Live and as AIR’s Feature Artist of the Week. Her music videos have also seen support from MTV (AU).

In the coming weeks, Paulina will reveal an accompanying music video for Nobody.

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