Indiana Bones’ new release Wanted Man is a stripped-back, outlaw folk song so hot, it’ll make you wanna slap your Grandma! 

Indiana Bones, otherwise known as Indy Davies, spent the last 6 years as the rootin’ tootin’ frontman for blues-rock band, Wakan Phoenix. The band hung up their hats amidst the smoldering remains of last year’s music scene, and Indy took the time to fan his artistic flames and get back to his bare-bone roots. 

Last year, Bones released a simmering cover of the Tom Waits classic Goin’ Out West, which lead Buzz Music LA to deem him as “the one-stop-shop for both talent and unconventional showcases of imagination”. He also got the personal approval of homegrown hero, Angie MacMahon, for his cover of Slow Mover.

Now, Bones is back on the lam and fixin’ to light a fire under your ass with his new single Wanted Man

Indiana BonesWanted Man tour dates are coming in hot, so hop the train!

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