HANNAH WILSON Works With UK Rapper To Deliver Electrifying New Single ‘Shame’

“HANNAH‘s deft lyricism lends itself perfectly to her absolutely stunning voice, and when paired with the live soulful instrumentation of her band, it makes for a velvety, intoxicating experience.”(Purple Sneakers)

“Injecting radiant Indie, Pop and R&B sonics, the record offers a soothing blend between her profound cadence and the glowing instrumentation of her band.”(The Local Frequency)

“Sweet and sour and so god damn smooth too!” (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

“This is smooth, voice angelic. Keen to see what’s next for HANNAH.”(Ilai Swindells, Triple J)

“Bringing JAYDEAN on the song with his smooth vocals, the pair work in perfect harmony to create a soulful track.”[About ‘I Wanna’](Milky Mag)

Propelled by a fierce devotion to create vibrant sonic experiences that reflect a special appreciation for UK-influenced indie/ pop/ RnB and neo-soul, Melbourne singer-songwriter Hannah Wilson has released her electrifying new single Shame.

Hannah Wilson’s entrance into the Naarm music scene began in 2020 with debut single Sweet & Sour followed by I Wanna, with both releases receiving nationwide support and the latter, a collaborative single between Hannah and fellow Melbourne artist JAYDEAN, premiering on Triple J.

Since then, the burgeoning artist has continued to garner influences and evolve her sound, working with UK rapper Tee Peters on new track Shame to find an intoxicating balance between pulsing grime intensity and eloquent neo-soul flavours.

Ensnared by the peal of ambient synth melodies and an invigorating house beat, the song’s floating harmonies immediately fall into place as Hannah’s lilting vocals advance sweetly through the verse. Brought to life through clean, clever production, instrumental layers transform home speakers into live musicians, delivering a raw edge to hip-hop inflected production, reminiscent of UK artist Cleo Sol

As the track’s electronic elements glow with the steamy sheen of an underground dancefloor, Hannah Wilson presents her luring lyrical hook with a soulful grace, the song finding a compelling climax in the overlap between exhilarating house-inspired elements and passionate neo-soul deliveries.

Drawing her lyrical inspirations from personal experiences, Hannah Wilson  wrote  Shame about being able to let go of disappointment when things don’t go to plan, as she explains:

“When things don’t necessarily turn out the way you want them to, it can be such a shame. Whether it’s relationships, friendships or life situations, I always try not to attach myself too strongly to desired outcomes, and just go with what comes. I have learned that the art of detachment can be a very powerful skill to have.”

Hannah Wilson’s previous releases have seen support from NME, Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Purple Sneakers, GC Live, The Local Frequency, Milky Mag and more, with the artist selected as a participant in the Nando’s Music Exchange in 2019, where she worked closely with Kwame as well as various artists from around the world.

Get the full Hannah Wilson experience with her new single Shame out now.

‘Shame’ Single Launch
Thursday 24 February – Colour Club, Melbourne

Listen to Shame HERE

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