VILIFY Release Powerful New Track ‘Veils Of Grey’

2022, Australia. The Music industry flounders once again under the weight of cancelled and postponed shows and festivals, and hospitality, front-line and entertainment industries struggle to find staff under the increasing number of cases of COVID, while Hillsong Church flouts all COVID-19 safety guidelines and rules and throws a “camp” that includes a festival-style concert and no social distancing and free Rapid Antigen Tests, with seemingly little to no consequence. The Prime Minister of Australia, a member of that same Church, offers little to no comment.

It is this hypocrisy of religion and the frustration and anger that it brings, that sees Vilify release this new song, Veils of Grey, released February 4th. Vilify want everyone to know that they do not believe in any religion that is exclusionary, who divides, who takes, who punishes. Vilify aim to target unjust social issues that continue to slip through the cracks of society’s attention, offering a sense of hope – and to inspire people to question the worth that religion brings into their lives and society.

Vilify hope to inspire people to bring positive effects into the lives of others, without the context of religion or need to involve a god, or gods. Just care, inclusion, empathy and love.

This is the statement from vocalist Amy McIntosh, with the sentiments echoed by the band as a whole.

‘Veils of Grey’ started as a song about searching for inspiration in a time where everything feels helpless. That is not where it ended up.

As I explored the concept of manifesting inspiration more and more the obvious tie to religion came up over and over. So many people pray to God for inspiration, and thank God for any blessing of a revelation. This began to bother me as I sat in isolation during a worldwide pandemic. Lonely. Frustrated. Helpless.

I began to look at my life and thought about the blessings “God” was currently giving and had given me and those around me. Repressed homosexuality at a young age, and the constant death and loss I’ve experienced still feels like the freshest of wounds. The list goes on and on – as it does for everyone. Then music. Music was all but taken. What else could this god possibly take?

I don’t believe in a god. But if I did – He doesn’t believe in us.

I stewed on this despair for a while before making a realisation. Praying to deities gets you nowhere. But I believe in us. Humans are powerful and inspiring. I’ve seen humans overcome time and time again and surprise me with compassion over and over. I believe in us. Be your own fucking god.

Vilify are a close group of friends who officially formed a heavy band together in late 2020 with the collective goal of using their art to discuss issues close to home and heart from both a personal and observational perspective. the band features two openly gay (recently engaged!) members in the band, Amy and Lizi – which has brought not only judgment from religion over the years, but they have seen many friends suffer over the years from judgment and persecution via religious family and church members.

Vilify’s debut EP was released in late 2020 and quickly made a good impression with a number of singles and video clips earning play on triple J’s Short Fast LoudRAGEThe Factiontriple J UnearthedTriple M Hard n Heavy and a premiere on Triple J Unearthed TOPS, as well as receiving positive reviews from Alternative Press, The Faction’s “Top 10 EP’s for 2020” and receiving shout-outs form Josh Merriel from triple J stating “This is a band to keep your eye on.” Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club’s split Vinyl offering featuring Vilify and Terra sold out within the hour.

Made up of various bands members with years of Australian touring experience in (The Beautiful Monument, SETMEONFIRE, Cold Era and Liberties) the collective are eager to hit the road and make a mark. Already having various sold out shows under their belts supporting RedhookDiamond ConstructFather Deer Hands and Heists, as well as being in the unfortunate situation of cancelled gigs that would have seen them support Alpha WolfAlt. and Some Heard Trouble it is very clear Vilify are on the radar within the live music scene.

With very obvious support from the community and with hopes that 2022 will be a more positive year for the music industry, Vilify is filling it’s schedule with live shows and promise that new, no-holds-barred content is due to be coming very soon. January 30 saw the band play alongside Traces in the land of the Golden Guitar (Tamworth) and in February/Early March, Vilify are heading out on an Australian East Coast Tour with Nicolas Cage Fighter and The Wandering!

Veils of Grey was released on February 4th through Collision Course/MGM Distribution – Tune in HERE  

Vilify is:
Amy Mcintosh – Vocals
Deni Hourihan – Guitar
Kieran Jackson – Drums
Lizi Blanco – Bass

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