MASSIC Unleash New Track ‘Surrender’ Set To Give You Shivers

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer }

A band like no other in Brisbane that’s for sure, Massic are the Hardcore Groove Metal Masters – hands down. The mastery and magic that these five humans create through their seemingly effortless music and performance is known to take your breath away and has on many occasions given me shivers from head to toe. Their latest offering certainly lives up to my expectations and then some. I completely Surrender to my passion and love for this band. Always eagerly awaiting anything they are set to release.

Surrender is the new track and along with a new music video is officially released today, 28/01/2022. A song packed to the brim with emotion as it reflects on the near death experience of frontman, Simon Russell-White. It is a pure miracle that Simon is still with us and it is incredibly special to be able to hear a song written by Simon and the band that encapsulates their experience around such a horrific indecent.

Being completely honest, because I am not a musician myself, I sometimes struggle a little to explain the technical side of music. I write my reviews and articles from the heart, from the emotions and feelings music gives and evokes in me. Though one thing I do know about Massic that ensures their songs are all pure gold, is that they are all incredibly talented musicians and although I am not one myself, this stands out as clear as day. No one I know plays bass or moves around a bass like Rashid, and the guitars from Chris and Shayne are always phenomenal, all of them play seamlessly. The steady drum beat throughout the track sounds to me, just like a heartbeat itself. Relevant to the track, to Simon’s experience and faultlessly delivered by drummer, Alan.

Upon first listen, the hairs on my arms stood up straight. A shiver down my spine as I watched and listened to a track that maybe never would have been. The combination of how good the song itself is, combined with knowing it nearly never was, has my emotions on high. The music video is somewhat simple, performance style, but with a slight twist, as Simon begins by walking with his microphone case in hand towards the rest of the band, as he walks the band appear as ghostly figures (in his mind I assume) as the song plays, then is shifts to Simon becoming the ghostly figure as he performs with the band before he is really there. It’s all to real of what could have been and it hits me hard. Simon screams of his “spirit guide” being with him and again I am filled with emotion and shivers. This song speaks on so many levels. Surrender is brilliantly written and delivered by the band and I take my hat off to the guys for yet another banger of a track.

2022 has already been somewhat of a clusterfuck for many reasons, but new music like this brings me great joy, as it does to many others. Thanks for doing what you do Massic. Please keep doing it.

There’s not much else to do right now except link you the track so you can indulge in it yourself. Get around it and crank it up. Life should be full of good music that makes you feel.

Surrender was recorded and produced by Clint Vincent (Dead Letter Circus, Rival Fire) and is available on all platforms now.

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Words by The Colourful Writer

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