Walk The Road To Recovery With TIARNI HOPE’s Jaw-Dropping Sophomore Single ‘Salt In The Wound’

Words by Emily Hollitt {Emily Hollitt Content Writer{Malina Claire}

In 2018, we were gifted with the very first release by one of the finest songstresses Queensland Tiarni Hope. And I don’t make that claim lightly. Resist was, in short, one of the most beautiful song’s I’ve ever heard. With layered production and introspective lyrics, it’s impossible not to feel along with Hope as she sings. “I’d give the air I breathe, yet you’d feel there’s something missing. I’d give you the world if it’s all I had”. The song is an emotive ode to loving someone unconditionally who’s not giving back. Whether you relate the song to romantic love, a close friend or a member of family, its subject matter is so deeply yet accessible to everyone; a shared experience of heartache we all know all too well.

Until now, Resist was all we had to know about Tiarni and what she had to offer. For years, we’ve been left wondering what the young songstress’ ‘comeback’ song would sound like.

Well, today we find out.

After a tumultuous last 2 years with the prevailing pandemic and the ever present uncertainty of navigating the world in a global health crisis, Tiarni returns with sophomore single Salt In The Wound. The young artist lives up to her name, using the song as a way to share a message of hope while you’re feeling hopeless.

“When I was writing this song, I felt like I was drowning under the weight of so many expectations, self-imposed or otherwise, that I couldn’t see a way out the other side. It became a way to tell myself that despite the doubts and the harsh words I harboured for myself, that I could pull through, even if better seems a ways to go.”

Says Tiarni on the track.

A bouncy acoustic guitar introduces the song before Hope’s voice enters. Atmospheric guitars play along, reminiscent of a track by fellow Brisbane artist Hazel Mei—who plays on Salt In The Wound alongside each artist’s producer Jared Adlam—in her track It Is(n’t) Real. “Kept it all locked away not to open up would be too painful. Way to rub salt in the would”.

Through the narrative, she takes ownership of her pain and her healing, acknowledging that is on her to give herself the life and peace she deserves. “I’ve been waiting for a saint to come and save me from myself” she sings, acknowledging the barriers she’s placed up to prevent her from pulling through. The instrumentation drops back as her vocals and intricately layered harmonies take centre stage. “So, when the wild winds come, I will free my aching soul. And I will sing my song ’til the darkness drags me home”. “Better seems a ways to go” she sings, acknowledging the prevailing helplessness felt when life isn’t going as you’d expect.

The second verse veers away from the main narrative, adding a new perspective through insights in her dreams. The drum beat switches up and airier vocal harmonies echo behind her voice, creating a dream-like atmosphere to support the lyrics. “Dreamt you were drowning yet again… Hard to remember if you dove beneath or someone pushed you in.” She sings, trying to find blame or cause for how she feels.

The song continues to grow as Tiarni’s perspective on the situation changes with her, culminating in one final message before ending with its larger-than-life final chorus and outro.

“Can’t keep waiting for a saint to come and save me from myself.”

When you’re feeling at a loss, let Salt In The Wound be your comfort blanket. Life can be difficult to navigate, so if you’re struggling today, do yourself a favour and let Tiarni Hope pull you through.

Salt In The Wound is available now on all platforms.

Listen HERE.


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