SINGLE REVIEW: The Urban Sea – ‘Devil In The Church’

the urban sea

Words by Tracey Moyle {Music Maven Events}

Brisbane’s masters of groove rock The Urban Sea, have built a solid fanbase within the local music scene wielding their arsenal of talented instrumentalists. The bands six members work flawlessly together to combine their unique synthesis of musical genres. Effortlessly melding their combined talents, The Urban Sea stand out in an ocean of local talent, adding new fans to their faithful following each time they play to a live crowd.

Devil in the Church is the third single from The Urban Sea’s upcoming debut album ‘Fall Back to Reason’ which is set for release on November 27 and it’s something special.

A slow, steady beat and melancholic guitar sets the opening tone for Devil In The Church. Immediately the sentiment captures you and takes a firm hold through the songs emotive narrative. The band have built a faithful following around South East Qld, based on the melding pot of genres, woven like a tapestry throughout their songs. Devil In The Church is no exception. This latest track has the heart of R&B with a smooth jazz soul. A chilled indie rock undertone creeps in at the songs peak.

Lyrically Frontman Chris Macdonald captures the depth of the songs intention with an honest desperation in his delivery. The track revealing the all-too-common struggle many have with those closest to them not understanding their true battle with depression and anxiety.  There is great challenge with caring family and friends meaning well but having a “just get over it” mentality. Guitarist Shanan Kilner, takes the song to it climax, ending the track the way it started bookending this incredibly personal journey perfectly.  

Can’t you see I’m trying, Can’t you see I’m trying, Can’t you see I’m trying.” The song is written from the perspective of someone yearning for understanding, not judgement, with the black dog constantly chasing them.

Devil In The Church is a heartfelt dive into mental health and one that will strike a deep chord with many who hear the track right from the very first listen. This third single from the bands upcoming album, ‘Fall Back To Reason’, gives fans something to look forward to in 2022.

You can listen to Devil In The Church now on all streaming services.

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