ALBUM REVIEW: Regular Gonzales – ‘Beige Alert’

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

Regular Gonzales are kind of like that unexpected last sip of beer that you gulp down happily after you thought your bottle was empty. A band that delivers a full bottle of full throttle goodness, right down to that very last drop. To look at them on the surface, often a shorts wearing kind of band with high quality memes across their social media, they clearly have a good sense of humor and a fun approach to themselves and their music. But it doesn’t end there. There’s more than meets the eye, there’s fucking rad music too. There it is, that last unexpected drop. Love it. 

Their sound? There’s most definitely a sludgy, stoner, rock vibe going on, interlaced with metal and punk elements, some heavy rock and even a dash of grunge for good measure. There’s a cacophony of sounds going on that somehow meld themselves together and roll out the other side sounding like they were always intended to be this way. Oh and also…They. Bring. Back. The. Riff. But. Slowerrrrrr. 

After the band released their first album ‘War Were Declared’ in 2017, they have been steadily releasing singles and jamming out in their shorts at many gigs around Brisbane and surrounds. It seems though, that it is time for another dose of Regular Gonzales in perhaps some even brighter and more larey shorts than before…or perhaps some… beige ones? It is time for ‘Beige Alert’, which I can promise you is some kind of crazy play on words, because the tracks are far from beige. The songs are in fact, the opposite of this conservative colour. I also understand the title may stem from the Matt Groening animated series, ‘Futurama’. *insert Fry meme with the squinty eyes here* …But let’s get into it, shall we?

The album opens with Schoonhenge and it’s a cracker of an opening track. The track was released as a single in October, the second single to be officially released from the album. It comes with a visualizer on YouTube featuring a ‘Gonz’ XXXX beer that promises “full flavoured Australian riffs” – it’s funny I made a beer reference in the opening paragraph without even realising I would be talking beer again so soon. The song is indeed, riff heavy and full of that slow, heart-thumping-in-your-chest, sludge metal energy. The track features guest vocals from Cameron Douglas of The Flattrakkers, Drug Mother, Muntday. Upon listening to the lyrics, I do believe the whole song is about beer, but most of the lyrics could easily have more than one meaning if you read into them more. Or you could just know the song is about beer and that the Gonz love their beer as much as they love the comfort of shorts and a laughable meme. 

Afterthought is more fast paced, the offbeat guitar sounds, like there is a sound hiding in between each note played, I can’t explain it exactly but I dig what this song is doing. This track gives me big Primus vibes in places. It kind of also reminds me of a band I adore called Heck. Check out their track, Good As Dead. It’s an absolute banger. Afterthought is most definitely a stand out track from the album for me. 

Worlds Weight gives me big grunge energies. It feels angst filled, ferocious in its delivery “World’s weight on your back, nobody’s picking up the slack…”. And there’s that slow gut churning riff again. It’s done so well. Featuring guest vocals from Grant and Faber of Brisbane five piece hardcore band, Strange Fiction. Forget The Gold features some clean vocals harmonising around the gravelly screamo vocals that really give this track some extra punch, with some guest vocals from the always awesome and unmistakable, Stoyan from Adriatic. Ultra kicks off with a riff and a sound that takes me back to some decent 80’s rock. Bit of AccaDacca sounds rolling through this one in amongst that steady and recognisable Gonz trademark sound. 

Hex Worker was the first single released from the album. The first taste, the entrée if you will. This track is like the hard shot of liquor with the album being the beer chaser/s. Total early Nirvana vibes in here, think ‘Bleach’ era. In between the sludge and the riffs (brought back slower) is grunge undertones. Blowback gives some serious deep and heavy bass tones and an overall kind of eerie, zombie-like sound through the vocals and instruments combined. I love the big fade out at the end of this one. Rising Tide “an eye for an eye, leaves us both blind…” lyrics throughout this song are a highlight for me… “And I know I have to make a move, but I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger…” “my sins are all that remain…” as it fades out. Rising Tide features some guest vocals from one of my all time favourite Brisbane metal vocalists, Simon from groove metal masters, Massic

Overunder – the final track, the final course of the ‘Beige Alert.’ Finishing with a relentless chant of “We will never be defeated” – what an end to an album. ‘Beige Alert’ was recorded in the Angry Dome – the private recording studio of the band, otherwise known as their garage with additional vocal production from Ryan Peterkin and graphics created by Aftermask (who is also the drummer in the band!) 

Jesse (Guitar + Vocals), Danny (Bass) and Paige (Drums) have something unique and unmistakable going on in their formation of Regular Gonzales. Album number two is welcomed with open arms from their fans and new listeners alike. Get down to their album launch show tonight at King Lear’s Throne with local legends, Fumarole and Lunchtime, brought to you by SCHEMA Collective. Wear your shorts. Or bring some to throw at the band. Either way, it’s all about the shorts.

Event details HERE.

‘Beige Alert’ is out TODAY! Tune in via your choice of streaming/listening platform.

Tune in via Spotify HERE (the band apologises for the album going live 14 minutes late)

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