Brisbane’s WAXFLOWER Release New Single ‘Soak’

Photo by Mitch Lowe

“A certain warmth and genuine connection to this one from Waxflower, who always delivers emotion and hooks aplenty, but will have you swooning in a different way for this.”  Declan Byrne, triple j (AU)

“Waxflower has given us not just an entree, but the main and dessert… It’s magic!”  – Pip Rasmussen, triple j (AU)

“I know there’s angst in here… But forgive me if I get distracted admiring the melodic warmth of it all and that really boppy chorus.” Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed (AU)

“Ouch, my feelings…” – Josh Merriel, triple j (AU)

“Each track is as brilliant – and often poignant – as the last capturing intense emotional processing and reflection through a ruckus-inducing sound that often still sounds fun and full of life, a contrast the group have well and truly found their lane within.” – Pilerats (AU)

“Waxflower sounds like they should have formed on the beaches and garages of Orange County.. A beautiful and sincere tune” – The Guardian (AU)

“Cuts right to the soul.. An anthem for all those that need reminding that the sun will come out again every single time that it feels like the clouds are here to stay” – RockSound (UK)

“Waxflower wear their hearts on their sleeves and will, I’ve no doubt, help a whole generation explore and make sense of some of the hardest of emotions. Emo, brilliance” – Alex Baker, Kerang! Radio (UK)

After releasing their heart-on-sleeve debut EP ‘We Might Be Alright’ earlier this year, Brisbane pop-punk aficionados Waxflower today reveal a change of pace with their new single Soak.

Having explored the subtle addition of electronic elements in previous releases, Waxflower today boldly step forward into the embrace of layered synthesisers, and a darker, heavier sonic direction.  Keen listeners will also note a second vocal on the track – that of the band’s guitarist Jordan Beard.  Despite this new contrast, the undercurrent of hopefulness for which the band have become known is still ever present on Soak.

Mental health has been a consistent theme woven throughout Waxflower’s lyrics, and Soak continues this narrative, exploring the anxiety and panic disorder experienced by frontman Tristan Higginson.

“‘Soak’ is about the lowest of lows, standing before a hopelessness that feels insurmountable,” says Higginson. “When my panic attacks were at their worst, I wanted a medicated lobotomy — I just wanted it to be done. The song zeroes in on those moments where you would give up anything for the pain to stop.

“The most intense struggles often feel the most insular. Being told “everything’s going to be ok” doesn’t do much when you’re gasping for air. Soak lives in those moments without an agenda, it’s just down there, feeling the pain with you.”



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