NATALIE BERGMAN Releases New EP ‘Keep Those Teardrops From Falling’

Natalie Bergman has released ‘Keep Those Teardrops From Falling,’ a brand new EP that further embodies her singular, spellbinding and spiritual vision of musical catharsis. Rooted in the world Bergman built on her debut solo album, ‘Mercy‘ – hailed earlier this year as “stunning” (Billboard), “utterly hypnotizing” (NYLON) and “a moving tour-de-force” (SPIN) – ‘Keep Those Teardrops From Falling’ harnesses the power of resilience, finding salvation through endearing melodies, angelic harmonies and uncanny arrangements of rock and soul.

Listen to ‘Keep Those Teardrops From Falling’ via Third Man Records: 

In addition to surprising fans with a new EP, Natalie Bergman has just begun an international tour, where she’s performing the music live on-stage for the very first time. “As the band gets ready to head overseas for the next six weeks, I’ve been inspired to write four new songs as an extension of the ‘Mercy’ story,” she says. “Thank you for listening.”
Upcoming dates include Pitchfork Music Festival London and more than a dozen headlining shows across Europe.
On the heels of ‘Mercy,’ Natalie Bergman has recently collaborated with Beck for a cover of Lion’s You’ve Got a Woman, and a remix of her own song Paint The Rain. This fall, she also partnered with Spotify to share an exclusive ‘Live at Electric Lady‘ EP. The eight-track collection, recorded in the legendary New York City studio, featured ‘Mercy’ highlights and a heavenly, stripped-down take on Jimi Hendrix’s Angel.

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Praise for Mercy
“A stunning gospel album as focused on faith as it is on love…delivering swaying choruses for believers and non-believers”

 “Otherworldly… brings together gospel, Sixties girl-group pop and psychedelic soul in a heartfelt expression of grief and salvation… an example of the power of art to transform pain into something positive, even celebratory”
The Times

“This beautiful set of songs draws on her utterly hypnotizing view of gospel, one that is hazy, delirious, and glowing in the soul…a simultaneously peaceful and surreal experience”

“Consider me a convert.”
Rhythms (Aus)

“(Natalie) is a light in this world and I am so grateful she has shared this personal, emotional and beautifully pieced-together album.”
Good Call Live (Aus)

“Step inside Natalie Bergman’s land of milk and honey, a place where there’s more than enough salvation to go around”

“A conceptual album, filled with hymn-like songs about the fragility and resilience of this experiment we call life”
Interview Magazine

“A moving tour-de-force, a modern gospel journey infused with exquisite melodies, a touch of psychedelia, and a lot of soul”

“Powerful enough to turn even the staunchest of atheists toward the light”
Monster Children

“A remarkable act of spiritual resilience”
Uncut, 8/10

“Bergman’s off-beam voice hits the same indefinable receptors as Joanna Newsom or Amy Winehouse”
MOJO, 4/5

“While Mercy began as a desperate prayer, the end result sounds like salvation”

“One of the year’s best albums…as revelatory as anything Paul saw on the road to Damascus”

“For once, modern songs about faith feel experimental and personable. What she has done to create her own form of worship music is truly groundbreaking”

“[Bergman] has tapped into a deep well of creativity…the kind of authoritative and transformative power that can only come from reaching the final stage of grief”

“Her conviction allows her to find rainbows through her tears…Bergman’s beliefs stimulate her music, but her debut album inspires whether one is a Christian or not”

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