ALBUM REVIEW: Eyethewild – ‘Colours Of The Dark’

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

Eyethewild kind of fell, head first, into my life via another Gold Coast band I love. The Silencio are an alternative rock band I love and follow due to the fact that not only is their music glorious, but they are genuinely beautiful and genuine people. The band introduced me to the music of Eyethewild and I was instantly impressed and hooked on their strong presence and hard rock vibes mixed with almost a 90’s alt/grunge/indie kind of sound. Close my eyes and I am back in the 90’s listening to many of the brilliant female fronted rock acts from that era. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is my jam, 100%. 

Eyethewild are set to unveil their new album – ‘Colours Of The Dark’ on Friday the 12th of November, 2021. I have had the pleasure of tuning in to this magnificent collection of songs prior to its release and my initial thoughts on the band have only grown stronger upon listening. Eyethewild have something a lot of upcoming bands wish for and aim to have but somehow just miss the mark and what’s more, it seems to flow effortlessly from the mouths and instruments of the band. Eyethewild have hit the mark with this new release and they have done it so well it is my belief this album should soar much higher than just the local Gold Coast/Brisbane and surrounds listeners. They have a sound that could be and should be global. 

Eyethewild are Astrid Ehrnholm, Dan Ojeda, Leif Ehrnholm and Ryan Williams. With their powers combined, they have created something really special. Some of the members have a history of playing in much heavier extreme/tech metal bands and every now and then, though not prominent and perhaps not even noticed by some, there is a slight glimmer of that in their music, the technicality of that genre of music has given them a little edge in their sound. Forntwoman, Astrid sings with a unique twang in her vocals, adding her own little accent around some of her words and pronunciations. Her voice contains a strength that seemingly comes from somewhere deep within, as though it is driven out of her in full and desperate force, impossible to contain; a voice that simply must be heard. That drive is matched by the power force of instruments behind her. 

So let’s delve into the ‘Colours Of The Dark’… the prelude is simply titled Welcome To and features Astrid singing of the moon and going home before we enter the album with the first full track, Idlylwild. Kicking off with slow and steady rocking guitars, bass and drums, this song’s lyrics tell a story, much like something you’d expect to read in a collection of short stories. Astrid’s voice twists around her words as she tells the tale. Idyllwild is an actual place, nestled in the San Jacinto mountains in Riverside County, California, United States. I am unsure of the band’s association with the place but it clearly has some meaning for them. The images are serene, full of mountains, tall pine trees, blue skies with white fluffy clouds and log cabins. A place that would no doubt be a beautiful escape from the mundane. Just like tuning into this track.

Track three, Hollywood Dream, is the first single released from the album a couple of months ago and was the first track I heard from the band. A striking music video accompanied the release of the single, featuring a combined performance style video with some intimate footage of Astrid and Dan, displaying their personal relationship and obvious soul connection; just beautiful. Filmed at one of the Gold Coast’s most well loved live music venues and creative spaces, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse. This track still gives me shivers upon every listen. 

Atlantis is up next and I get huge Clouds vibes, one of my favourite 90’s indie rock bands from Sydney. The jangly guitars are reminiscent of tracks from their album’s ‘Penny Century’ and ‘Thunderhead’. If you’ve not heard of the Clouds before and dig Eyethewild, I strongly suggest you check them out too! The Last Waltz commences with a strummed guitar all on its own, almost a hint of Flamenco style playing. I love that I can hear the strings bouncing through this track. Astrid’s vocals are deep and sexy as she sings of “lips like red tulips” this song is seductively beautiful and entrancing. Yet it also packs a punch mid track where it suddenly takes a brutal turn, becoming much less seductive and much more of a frightening tale of what I believe to be murder. Aptly named, The Last Waltz

Heavenly Eyes is the most recent single released from the album and comes with a music video featuring the band playing on dirt ground near a field of tall grass/corn? And also features Astrid driving down an empty country road. The moments where she sings “heavenly eyes” as she stares into the camera will have every viewer transfixed. If I am honest, this song actually took a little bit for me to grow to love it. I think perhaps because it has a slow start to it, but the build in this song and the depth of it makes it impossible not to love. It is a thing of true beauty. Give it a moment, you’ll feel it too. 

Nothing To Fear is next and was also recently released as a single from the album. This track has a dirty, grungy sound to it. The clip sees Astrid in a simple yet beautiful white dress walking and running through a tall and somewhat eerie forest full of paperbark trees. In opposition to Astrid’s angelic white, the rest of the band wear black and have dirt and earth on their skin and clothes. Astrid singing/growling “I have nothing to fear, you mean nothing to me” gives me vibes from my favourite childhood movie, ‘The Labyrinth’ and the infamous quote – “You have no power over me”. I love this song. Take your power back as you tune in to this one.

The aptly named Short And Sweet sits at 1:28 and features some impressive guitar work. The guitar sings and screams on its own, the star of the show. I Am Stone has a busy sound with a repetitive, drilling guitar sound, echoing vocals, a military-like drum beat. We Fly By The Night gives off an old-timey vibe. I close my eyes and imagine the band in 1920’s get-up, performing in an old building, musty, dark and mysterious. The vocals over the top of the main vocals have a very Kate Bush sound to them; definitely a quirkiness here. The guitar work though, very much reminding me of The Darkness

And now we come to the end, time to take in the very last track from this 11 track collection of new tunes from Eyethewild. Can We Dance also contains a certain darkness, the deep tones of the instruments and the vocals combined present the song with an overall shadow-like wickedness. Through that darkness though, there are also glimmers of ethereal sounds, almost heavenly. It’s a little bit of light and a little bit of shade; a certain balance, something Eyethewild does well. It’s a perfect ending track and at 5:24 is the longest song on the album. 

Pre-save/Pre-order your digital copy of ‘Colours Of The Dark’ right HERE. The album is set for independent release on November 12th, 2021.

Eyethewild’s ‘Colours Of The Dark’ – Out 12/11/2021
Songwriters: Ryan Williams, Astrid Ehrnholm Daniel Ojeda
Producer: Eyethewild and Jared Adlam
Mixing and Engineering: Jared Adlam – Machine Lab Recording
Mastering Engineer: Paul Blakey – 12th and Vine Post

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