Gold Coast Rockers EYETHEWILD Release New Single ‘Heavenly Eyes’

Gold Coast Rockers Eyethewild release their powerful new single Heavenly Eyes taken from their upcoming album ‘Colours Of The Dark’ due for release on November 12th, 2021. Exploring the isolation and grief that takes hold after a heartbreak, Eyethewild bare it all in this emotional and inspiring rock piece.

Opening with a sinister and ethereal tone carried by vocalist Astrid Ehrnholm‘s heart-wrenching melodies, the piece soon erupts into an uplifting rock anthem. Pounding drums and dirty bass form a solid foundation for the grinding guitars and epic vocals throughout this roller coaster of energy and emotion, Heavenly Eyes is yet another addition to the band’s impressive repertoire. Ehrnholm sings about loss and redemption, showcasing her resonant lows and heat laden chest voice, saturated with melancholy and pained realisations. The lyrics ‘I’m Taking The Easy Way Out’ become tactile and anthemic in their repetition over evocative leads and atmospheric instrumentation. Unafraid to explore the full range of human emotion with rich melodies and methodical instrumentation, Eyethewild are back with a delectably mysterious tune sure to leave you craving more!

Vocalist Astrid Ehrnholm says of the tune: “It is based on a past experience of mine. I had endured a break-up, was battling health issues and felt completely abandoned and scared. I sat through many moments of despair, and looking back to that circumstance, knowing what I do now, I wish I could have told my former self that she was going to be okay. I think, in that weak state, I had lost hope for the future, but coming out the other side, and coming out stronger and happier is what this song is all about. Writing this piece was quite confronting. Having to revisit that vulnerable state made me feel some sadness, however it also helped me to see the experience from a whole new perspective which was purifying”

Eyethewild’s sound is steeped in the glory years of Hard Rock but with a modern and progressive twist that keeps the listeners’ engaged. Ehrnholm’s captivating vocals range from the sublime and sultry to heat laden belts delivering melodies drenched in sweetness, sorrow and sometimes a little spite! Incorporating a broad range of influences, Eyethewild infuse Folk, Progressive Rock and Metal to create their own Alternative-Rock infusion overflowing with attitude and power.

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