PLUTO JONZE Unveils Jubilant Sophomore Record ‘Awe’

“The John Lennon comparisons will always follow Pluto Jonze around, and for good reason: his reverbed vocals and psychotropic tendencies recall the spectacled Beatle at his most serene.”
The Guardian (AUS)

“Echoing the softer moments of Vampire Weekend’s recent material.”

“Reminiscent of Kevin Parker’s floating vocals and melancholy lyricism.”
Life Without Andy (AUS)

“Jonze’s voice scales dizzy heights with another deep cut soul inflection.”
Backseat Mafia (AUS)

‘I’ll Try Anything’ added to Spotify playlist ‘Indie Arrivals’

Sydney-based indie-pop purveyor Pluto Jonze has today revealed his comprehensive sophomore record ‘Awe’ – produced by the artist himself and mixed by Brendan Cox (Imogen HeapGuy Siggsworth).

‘Awe’ is ten tracks of audacious indie-pop, a glorious stage show combining Pluto’s skilful songwriting, psych-tinged production and serendipitous arrangements. The record is a momentous journey through Pluto’s idiosyncratic storytelling nous and singular vision.

Pluto talks about the inspiration behind ‘Awe’: “Whereas my past releases have always essentially had a live rock show in mind, ‘Awe’ is definitely a leap into new space. It’s more of a listening album, a world to get lost in. I’ve really wanted to get across the sense of contrasting SCALE with this record. The miniscule and the unending butting right up against each other. Do you know the visual artist, James Turrell? His light installations play with void spaces – you have no idea if they go on forever or if they finish right in front of your face. And without getting too conceited I do believe Turrell’s work has been channelled into a lot of the production and writing of this record.”

Opener Been Dreaming surges in gently with arpeggiating synths, as each layer introduced crescendos towards a kaleidoscope of vivid instrumentation. Melding with dynamic percussion and Pluto’s reverberating vocals, the intensity rises before dropping into the joyful second track Rumschpringe. The contrast helps the track envelop the listener using splashing grand piano and a steadfast beat, capped off with angelic group backing vocals in the track’s evocative choruses.

Serene soundscapes open next track Moonmaking, before a humming bass line picks up the listener with its effortless, strutting charm. The track elegantly builds into an enigmatic bridge led by a commanding and domineering guitar solo, lent gravitas by resounding group claps and Pluto’s echoing yells. The outro atmospherics segues incognito into fourth track Dot, a resounding, upbeat synth-pop sing-along that intrigues with exquisite chord choices, creating a joyous chameleon that fluently and fluidly balances between the anticipated and unexpected. 

Title track and fifth song Awe kicks into gear with groove-laden acoustic guitar riffs and the well-crafted use of syncopated strings, forming a delectable mix of warm, organic percussion and samples. The track finishes delicately, transitioning to the records most psych-influenced piece, Walk Off The Edge With Me. Airy synths and slow burning percussion meld as both Pluto’s and feature artist Anna Davoll’s vocals float with graceful abandon and dream-like wonder.

Track seven Kelsey In Corduroy, introduces itself with swaggering lead guitar riffs, stamping itself as the records most ‘Rock ‘N Roll’ number. This elegantly complements the records eighth track, I’ll Try Anything, a melancholic ballad that showcases Pluto as the enigmatic singer-songwriter front man, feeling much like a one-man-show. The Beatles influences are on show; however, this is Pluto well and truly in the spotlight, pushing between the intricate and anthemic. 

Tranquil piano glides and delicate djembe open next track New Morning High, before the introduction of warm, syncopated bass lines and joyful snares and kick drums. This all builds into a gratifying last chorus, as Pluto’s vocals walk the line between soothing and striking. This sets the stage for closer Blue China, which feels like the end to glorious stage show, equal parts melancholic and nostalgic, a solemn wave goodbye.

Singles off ‘Awe’ have been widely embraced by the likes of The GuardianPileratsPurple SneakersLife Without AndySpotifyThe AU ReviewMusic FeedsBackseat Mafia and The Music. They’ve also seen extensive support from radio stations triple jtriple j UnearthedFBi3RRRRTR FM2SERSYN FM4ZZZEdge Radio2XXRadio Adelaide and US College Radio.

As part of indie-rock band Hey Geronimo, he also played triple j’s esteemed segment Live A Version. In the live arena, he’s toured Australia and the UK multiple times. He’s also supported Australian mainstays Ball Park MusicThe Jungle GiantsCub SportBluejuice and The Delta Riggs, amongst many others.

‘Awe’ will be available worldwide TODAY – Friday, November 5
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