TEENAGE DADS Drop ‘Piano Girl’ Ahead of EP Release This Week

“…Shines with jangly strummed guitars reminiscent of Vampire Weekend’s early work, a bold and radiant bass line, and textured vocals muddied ever-so-slightly to give the track a wistful, nostalgic feel” – NME

“5 Stars: Pow! Nice work..” – RICHARD KINGSMILL, TRIPLE J

“Teenage Dads successfully combine the familiar embrace of dream-pop with a hard and uncompromising instrumental execution.”

“Their infectious melodies, intricate synth lines, hooky guitars and punchy drums can be compared to the likes of Phoenix and The Strokes. Meanwhile, their music is reminiscent of the way colourful pioneers The Beach Boys brought unconventional chords and structure to a popular setting.” – RRR

“We’ve been fans of these guys for quite a while now and Chugg Music eventually caught on. Touring with these guys in 2019 was a riot.  Not only are they great songwriters that put on a huge show, but they love to have fun whilst getting the job done…  as we do!”

Teenage Dads make divine chaos. There are few other words for what the fresh-faced, militantly ambitious Mornington Peninsula four-piece do and today they have dropped their brand new single Piano Girl.  The track is lifted from their formidable eight track EP ‘Club Echo’ which is out this Friday – 5 November via Chugg Music. They have also announced their own rescheduled headline tour dates for 2022, as well as being named one of the support acts for the Lime Cordiale tour next year. 

Piano Girl, was one of the first songs Connor demoed himself during lockdown, featuring heavier guitars and an angular pop-rock bridge. A classic crush song, Piano Girl also functions like an ode to the live shows that have been so essential to the band’s history. 

“This EP looks at our lives from the last five years but from our current perspective. It looks at the concept of change and how life continues to move in spite of everything that may be going on in your life: the friendships, the obstacles you face and next chapters. What’s happened has happened, and whether it was how you intended or you’re stuck living with regret is not up to you. It’s bittersweet, a reminder of the good times but also a reminder that they’re gone and you can’t go back. It’s like you’re looking at these moments “through a window”, like a party you weren’t invited to.” says frontman Jordan of the EP.

Teenage Dads’ live set is what led them to their management and label. After playing increasingly spectacular shows off the back of their sprightly 2019 single Message In The Sand, the band were selected by Lime Cordiale to support them on their 2019 Australian Robbery tour. Quickly becoming fans and fast friends with Teenage Dads, Lime Cordiale sent Teenage Dads’ music to their management and the rest, as they say, is history.

Touching on the drudgery of workaday life, missed connections, love and loss, ‘Club Echo’ is romantic, nostalgic, and bittersweet, capturing the exuberance of Teenage Dads’ influences — the fleet-footed melodies of classic-era Phoenix, the heartache of The Strokes circa-‘Room On Fire’, the sheer weirdness of Brian Wilson at his peak — as well as their own goofy coolness. It’s a resounding first statement that accommodates the resplendent weirdness of Teenage Dads without sacrificing any of the appeal that’s made them a stalwart live act. Sparklingly new and appealingly classic, it’s a little weird and a little different — and very Teenage Dads.



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