DEVIL ELECTRIC Drop Incredible Clip For ‘Take The Edge Off’ + New Album ‘Godless’ Out Soon

“Thrilling Vintage-Doom meets Modern-Rock” – Rolling Stone

“An Electric Funeral for the Delta Blues” – Bandcamp

“Captivating like a priestess’ gospel during an unholy ritual” – Overdrive

“Devil Electric is nonetheless entrancing” – The Sludgelord

“An interesting amalgam of arse-rattling Doom Metal and chilled-out, beefy Stoner Rock” – Metal Discovery

Melbourne’s finest purveyors of vintage rock, Devil Electric have released a spectacular, highly creative video for Take The Edge Off, taken from their upcoming new album, ‘Godless’, set for release on November 12.

Take The Edge Off is about the irony of looking for utopia in dark alleys. The chorus “I took the edge off, now the edge is where I’ll be” refers to how our choices for escapism are the reason we need to escape in the first place. We are all guilty of turning to our vices to “take the edge off” a day, a week, a damn global pandemic but a hasty cut can make the edge more jagged – particularly if your mindset is way off kilter.

Listen and take the edge off HERE!

The incredible music video for Take The Edge Off was created during Melbourne’s Stage 4 Lockdown, where band members, the creator of the stunning video and the world were confined to their houses during the global pandemic. Each member of the band filmed themselves performing the song in their homes and were painstakingly edited together into an organic landscape of ghostly interiors and evolving skies that were rendered frame by frame by artist, Moya O’Brien

Taking influence from 1960/70’s psychedelic and giallo horror films, the painterly scenes drift through a house, and as the song progresses the experience changes despite cycling through the same space.

Watch it HERE

Devil Electric’s highly anticipated new album, ‘Godless’, is a collection of ideas and experiences that can simply be described as “the next evolution” of their sound.  While keeping true to the band’s DNA, you’ll still find the heavy grooves and tones of 70’s inspired hard rock as ‘Godless’ takes it one step further by peeling back to a more LoFi sound, a credit to producer Julian Schweitzer who worked with the band on the album.

There’s a high level of stylistic experimentation on ‘Godless’ that emerged in the freedom of the studioYou will be hit with these moments, unchained and lyrical, in songs like Your Guess Is As Good As Mine and I Will Be Forgotten. In others, like Take the Edge Off, there is the familiarity of Devil Electric’s self-titled debut album but more progressed and twisted into new tonal shapes and raw melodic edges.

Lyrically, ‘Godless’ took inspiration from Pierina’s bookshelf with songs All My Friends Move Like The NightMindset and The Cave paying homage to Plato, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joe Hill and Paul Tremblay.  She keeps pace with the band but never misses the chance to bring the signature big sweeping melodic vocals she has become known for. 

‘Godless’ is not over-thought and at times it’s raw as hell – but that’s the point.

As always with Devil Electric, there are a number of incredibly high quality bundles that include limited edition colour vinyl options and merch designs. These always sell out via their Bandcamp page, so get in fast!

‘Godless’ can be pre ordered

Fronted by the gracious and haunting presence of Pierina O’Brien, Devil Electric hail from Melbourne, Australia. Taking musical cues from the hard rock greats of the ’70s, their riffs and rhythms snake around Pierina’s hypnotic and powerful vocals, completely immersing you in a claustrophobic wall of sound that perfect complement her lyrical journey. 

Devil Electric set the vintage rock scene alight in 2017 with the release of their mesmerising self titled debut album. The 37 minute, 9-track LP received rave reviews the world over! Since then they have teased fans with the epic doom encrusted rock n roll in the shape of, All My Friends Move Like The Night and the gargantuan riffs on The Cave

Devil Electric continues to gain heavy traction worldwide with their dark, signature sound. Their ever-growing fan base, amassed through social media and extensive touring throughout Australia and Indonesia, is a testament to the band’s talents as performers and musicians. 

Devil Electric are for fans Of: 
Black Sabbath, Graveyard, Kadavar, The Dead Weather, Blues Pills, The Well, Electric Citizen…


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