Brisbane’s MILITARIA Drops New Music Video For ‘Devastation Obsession’

A cinematic music video for the song Devastation Obsession, off the 2021 debut album ‘Remains with Pain’ by thrash metal band MILITARIA, featuring Andrew Knappstein (WARTOOTH) on vocals and James Benson (MASON) on lead guitar, was released yesterday, the 24th of October.

The video follows the story of three soldiers who are stranded in the middle of the bush, finding their way, when an enemy sniper emerges and takes them out one by one.

Filmed by the talented Mike Klonowski of MK photo & film, Liam Anthony (IDLE RUIN), Adam Jones (ZAGTAR) and Chalky Hill. The video was also edited by Chalky Hill, known for other music/ lyric videos under his business Moshriff Creative. The actors in the video are Loghan Shuttleworth, Rob Armstrong (ASYLUM), and Scott Dally. The Sniper and Military Adviser on set was none other than Daniel Vine (DERAIGN/WARTOOTH). The makeup was by Ashlee Helena, and the entire video was directed by Chalky Hill. A massive thanks go out to Adam Dally for the location, Odius for the jam shed location and anyone who let us borrow props needed for the film. ‘Remains With Pain’ is now available on all major streaming platforms and you can purchase the CD HERE.

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