CHIFFON MAGNIFIQUE Unveils Debut Single ‘ABOMINATION’ + Music Video

ABOMINATION: the debut single from Chiffon Magnifique, a post-punk/minimal wave project from Gold Coast musician and producer, Jed A. Walters is officially released today, Friday October 22, 2021. Walters (of Tesla Cøils and The Blackwater Fever fame) is launching his fresh solo effort as Chiffon Magnifique, with a hard-hitting debut track, a music video, and a local release show at Vinnies Dive (Southport).

ABOMINATION is high-energy trajectory of pummeling post-punk rhythms, strangled guitars and Walters’ booming baritone, calling out from a painful captivity. “Abomination was written really fast – just me in my room with some drum machine beats, bass, guitar, synths and some words I wrote during a dark time in lockdown” exclaims Jed, “…it’s a very morbid love song I guess. It comes from me feeling like some ugly, grotesque creature, that my girlfriend just keeps putting up with, even though she continuously cherishes me and my company. It’s remarkable, those times in life, when somebody cares for you so much despite you feeling so ugly and un-lovable. I hope a lot of people can appreciate that”.

The song opens with a flourish of cheesy 80’s horror synth arpeggios, before launching into an unrelenting chug of rusty bass guitar and a four-on-the-floor drums. Echoey guitar, with nods to Cocteau Twins and Sisters of Mercy, punctuates across the track, whilst haunting lyrics drawl and shriek through cavernous reverb. Throughout verses, Jed paints the picture of this “ugly pet” relationship: “bridle me down the thoroughfare/and parade me around the old town square/the city folk they don’t believe what they see/an angel walking with a hellish beast”. This is where the chorus launches with him crying out “I wanna be your Abomination!”.

Recorded at Jed’s own home studio, ABOMINATION showcases his deliberate choices to keep every instrument feeling organic rather than polished and new. “I’ve been throwing all the rules out the window. It’s not about sonic clarity – all that matters is that each instrument and vocal is performed with emotion and captured within that moment” says Jed, “The reason so many of my favourite post-punk and coldwave artists captured my heart in the first place was this DIY punk attitude with instruments. It’s all about creating an emotional atmosphere, not how hi-fi it sounds.”

ABOMINATION is accompanied by a truly unnerving music video – one for the late-night slot on Rage! The Abomination debut video sees Jed black-tatter-clad and performing his array of instruments, interspersed with some truly horrifying shots of the ugliest animal kingdoms. A fitting setting for a song about feeling too much of a freak to deserve love.

This single is the first step in the next chapter of Jed’s growing career. Since finding a new voice with Chiffon Magnifique, Jed hopes to release much more new music regularly. “This is just one of the tracks I have been working on during recent lockdowns” says Jed, “I’m planning on releasing more and more, until I have enough for my concept album I’m working on”.

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Chiffon Magnifique will be presenting ABOMINATION, as well as an entire setlist of fresh material, in a run of theatrical live shows:

OCTOBER 28: Vinnies Dive – Southport (with Veople and Jake Morton and the Goose Squad)

NOVEMBER 12: King Lear’s Throne – Fortitude Valley (with Purple Zain, Liquorice Whip, and PHD)

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