JACOB FITZGERALD Releases New Single ‘Lonely’ + Announces Forthcoming EP

With his trademark eye-twinkling charm and irresistible indie-pop/rock exuberance, Melbourne’s Jacob Fitzgerald is offering one final glimpse into his upcoming EP with invigorating new single Lonely (out October 19).

This year has seen Fitzgerald and his band explore a new trajectory with bold, bright and beaming pop-infused indie rock, leading to the release of Pretty Good for My Mind and the announcement of new EP ‘Pretend I’m Cool’ (out November 19).

Now, Fitzgerald combines the cinematic qualities of decade-defying rock artists to bring forth Lonely, a rousing track boasting monumental movie moments.

Surfacing with accentuated keys and unhurried guitars, Fitzgerald’s rich, lustrous vocal starts its gallant journey through the desire-filled verse. With the energising lift of forceful drums, the track makes a lustful reach for the chorus, stripping it back before boiling over into a swell of hearty guitars surrounding an all-encompassing lyrical hook. As the song continues its mammoth build to indie-rock glory, there’s no resisting the pull of the dancefloor, wherever it may be.

Indulging in themes of desperation and lust, the lyrical component of Lonely has been safely tucked in Fitzgerald’s back pocket, waiting patiently for the perfect sonic accompaniment, as he explains:

“Lonely really took shape when we found a way to make the energy match the concept of the song. Desperation, uncertainty and insecurity are the key themes floating in this track. We wanted to capture all those emotions without the negativity and melancholy type stigma that it typically surrounds. It was just about upping the intensity.”

There’s no question that Jacob Fitzgerald has been turning heads, his previous release Pretty Good for My Mind receiving support from Music Feeds, Scenestr, Triple J and more, with the accompanying music video featuring on MTV Upload.

Jacob Fitzgerald‘s new single Lonely is out TODAY – October 19, ahead of upcoming EP ‘Pretend I’m Cool’ on November 19.

 ‘Pretend I’m Cool’ is released on November 19


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