GRACE SANDERS Rockets Off Through The Social Network In ‘Scrolling’ Music Video

Scrolling Added to Triple J Unearthed Rotation

“i love how you’ve paired some souful rnb pop with some wild, crunchy, colourful production and twists. it keeps you guessing and keeps you hooked!” 4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“It’s a great mix of addictive basslines, sultry synths and vocals that leave you wanting more. Grace grabs your attention from the very first second and doesn’t let go.” (Cool Accidents) 

“Accomplished work from Grace on this track. The first half is all delicate and restrained before the balance shifts, Grace loosens the vocals and the production swells impressively.”
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) 

“Love this. Such a strong, woozy vocal, tops production and excellent song structure and hook.”
4 / 5 (Zan Rowe, Triple J)

Grace Sanders revealed her hyper-pop and drama-filled single Scrolling on September 17 – the first taste of new music since the release of her highly-acclaimed debut EP ‘GUMS’ in February this year. 

Now to accompany the glistening electro-pop goodness of ScrollingSanders is pairing it with a CGI music video that is a wondrous journey into digital realms of social media.

Produced by animator and visual effects artist Luca Dante, the video is a visualisation of how social media networks create an obsessive and competitive culture that becomes all-consuming.

Floating through hyper-space on her bed, Sanders CGI character ventures through the digital realms of social media. As thousands of cascading posts rain by, Sanders finds herself unable to disconnect and obsesses over new posts from a past lover who has now moved on. In turn, it paints an electrifying picture of the modern break up and some of the challenges that come from such a connected network. 

Scrolling has already seen widespread support from Triple JTriple J Unearthed (rotation)Coles Radio (rotation)RTR FMBeat MagScenestrHipland and more. 

Scrolling IS OUT NOW


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