HUMAN NOISE Unleash High-Octane New Single ‘One Time’ + Announce New Album

“I was all in on this at the end, it’s got power and mood and the build and pay off is right on the money.”
Declan Byrne, Triple j 

“Good name for a band and it fits well with the world-weary grievances put into song here. I’m gonna stick around for more cathartic dust ups from Human Noise.”
Dave Ruby Howe, Triple j Unearthed
“There’s a sense of urgency in the delivery and the songwriting felt strong and real. Had me reminded of acts like Ball Park and Boy & Bear at moments too. Nice one.”
Claire Mooney, Triple j

“Earnest, climactic and frenetic all in one. now that I think about it, that seems to be the M.O of human noise and it sure as hell makes for some good listening.”
Joe Khan, Triple j
“There is something undeniably frenetic about the razor sharp songwriting of Sydney based indie-punk outfit Human Noise.”
Bittersweet symphonies blog (UK) 

One Time is the latest crescendo-ing burst of brilliance from Sydney band, Human Noise, it starts off with Eddie Boyd’s memorable vocals and pulsating drum beat before building up to a hard-hitting guitar solo. It’s one of the first tracks written for their new album ‘Animal People’ coming out on October 21.

“I wanted to write a song that really just built itself off a single chord. I love the tension that comes from just clinging to that drone for the first 3 and a half minutes before it finally releases into the outro. There are these long screeching guitar solos with the band chugging along underneath and it really lends itself to being drawn out when we play live. I feel like it’s a really nice break from an otherwise quite lyrically led album.” 
Eddie Boyd, Human Noise

Human Noise’s forthcoming album ‘Animal People’ will thrill fans of indie-punk rock acts like Sonic YouthRAT!hammock and The Strokes. It features a collection of songs about friendship, anxiety, frustrations and self critique. 

“At the end of 2017 I came out of a really long period of session touring that had left me pretty creatively frustrated and that coincided with the end of a long term relationship. I got the sense that the following year would be pretty fruitful creatively so I decided to just book 3 weeks of recording in early 2019 before I’d written any songs. It was a pretty scary move, but one I thought would also be a pretty good motivator to get me writing. I had to pay a deposit and book flights to NZ so there was no way of backing out. I’d never written to a deadline before and it turned out to be something that worked really well for me.”
– Eddie Boyd, Human Noise

‘Animal People’ was predominantly produced by Ben Edwards (Julia Jacklin,Aldous HardingMarlon Williams) with Blain Cuneen producing tracks The Will Of Others and Animal People. It was mastered by Andrew Edgson with all songs recorded in The Sitting Room Studios, Lyettelton New Zealand. 

‘Animal People’ will be released on Thursday, October 21.

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