Alt-Pop Trio SILT Release Touching Debut EP ‘Contact High’

“Silt threaten to really let rip on this one with some bubbling energy and sunset guitar solos but they still keep it in check and their crisp pop sound remains the big allure.” (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“That voice! Like a rollercoaster of sweetness. Lovely build on this one, more please.” (Zan Rowe, Triple J)

“Moody, stark, raw, and at times powerful production is backed by the fragile yet earthy vocals of Jess Polain alongside breathy chants and rolling drums.” (Scenestr)

“With a delicious interplay between rippling synths and razor-sharp guitars, Melbourne-based band SILT‘s new track ‘I Always Need A Break’ is a singular delight.” (Backseat Mafia)

It was only last month that Melbourne-based alternative pop-rock trio SILT unveiled luminous lead-single You Hate It, setting the tone for the highly-anticipated release of their debut EP ‘Contact High’ TODAY – October 1.

Glimmering with their distinctively crisp pop sound, SILT are reaching new heights with this debut EP as they meld meandering guitars, swirling synths and magnetic melodies from frontwoman Jess Polain, all achieved during Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdowns. Jess states: “As a band, we produced the songs at home during Melbourne’s COVID lockdowns in 2020. We sent ideas back and forth online. Once we were pretty much happy where they were, we got Jimi Wyatt of Ginger Studios on board to produce the EP for us – our first time ever working with a producer.”

Embracing frank introspection and intense emotional reactions, this five-track EP journeys fluidly from comfort and security, to inner chaos, to kindness and acceptance. It explores relationships – with others, with oneself and with mental health, embodying the highs and lows of being accompanied and being alone.

Opening the EP is instant groove Dreamin, a gripping track about feeling safe in a healthy relationship. Although perhaps not the edgiest subject matter, sonically Dreamin draws you in, packed with dramatic, punchy drums, consuming bass guitar riffs, atmospheric synths and the clever use of mundane background noise.

Next is I Always Need a Break, a powerfully vulnerable song that explores the entire scope of SILT’s sound with a mix of Jess’s delicate vocal delivery, backed by overdriven guitars and an explosion of sensory synths. The band let out their screaming inner voice in this track, fed up with people that make others feel insignificant.

My Ordinary is a lyrically busy song, written by guitarist Josh Barretto to convey the hectic thought traffic constantly buzzing around the mind. Featuring otherworldly rolling synths, layered with addictive guitar riffs in the busy verses, the dream-pop simplicity of the melodic, harmonised choruses debate the choice between delivering sugar-coated truths or plain honesty.

Lead-single You Hate It brings a sweeping, dramatic energy, written about recognising the need for setting boundaries during tumultuous times. Delivered with a brooding warmth, the track soars with melodic keys and floating strings, surging in the bridge with a commanding lyrical stream of consciousness.

Finally, Cassette Tape closes out the EP in style with entrancing vocal harmonies, synth-filled choruses, heartbeat percussion and impressive production that moves between fuzzy, submerged soundscapes back to sonically crisp execution. A love letter to an important person in Jess’s life, this song offers a helping hand against mental health issues, concluding the EP with triumphant and optimistic instrumental prowess.

Since debuting in 2019, SILT have showcased their charming indie-rock foundations and shining alt-pop magnetism across six singles, building towards the release of ‘Contact High’, which sees the trio sitting pretty within their engagingly dynamic sound.

SILT’s debut EP ‘Contact High’ is out everywhere on October 1

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