THUNDER FOX Tease New Album With Romantic ‘Love You 2’

“Been keeping an eye on this band ‘cos they’re relentless giggers and hit that sweet spot between Winston Surfshirt and Lime Cordiale. Here’s another promising track that’s part social diatribe, part fun funk explosion.”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe

“…Sultry sax-iness and funk-drenched…a groove-laden number that is set to get feet churning and hips swaying.”

“Their music is fun and bawdy, yet with a sexy sophistication that makes it incredibly appealing.”
Eclectic Music Lover

“…Funk-drenched blast of horns, harmonies, humour and bucketloads of Thunder Fox swagger.”
Music Feeds 

Following on from the release of their single Not For Sale last month, Sydney’s Thunder Fox are back and this time, they’re looking to woo.

The band’s new release comes in the form of Love You 2, an R&B ballad that drips with soul and yearning. Taken from the band’s forthcoming album ‘Sanctuary’, Love You 2 is a vibe change for Thunder Fox, who kicked the door down on their next era with the funk-driven Not For Sale.

Here, they show us that they’re unafraid to slow things down and get comfortable with their feels.

As with Not For Sale and the wider ‘Sanctuary’ album, Love You 2 was recorded by Thunder Fox during a creative sojourn out in Nambucca Heads. This single in particular revels in its slower pacing, vocalist Sam Dawes’ crooning notes and the band’s harmonic work. Filled with regret, yearning and thinking about the ‘what ifs’ of a relationship, Love You 2 is that type of song tailor-made for swan diving into. 

For fans of the R&B genre, this is a perfect dose for cold winter’s night (or day) – to warm you right up.

“Drawing from the same existential angst of the previous tracks, there came a time in the months following the writing of Sanctuary that I noticed I’d let my material pursuits get in the way of the most important thing imaginable – delicious, unadulterated, full throttle, hyper-vulnerable romance, baby.  ‘Love You 2’ is an apology, in a way. Apologising for allowing myself to become so distracted by desire, work and anxiety that I almost forgot to tell someone how much I fucking love their sweet ass. Heed my advice, friends, tell whoever it is you love them. Every. Chance. You. Get.”Sam Dawes (Thunder Fox)

Love You 2 IS OUT NOW
‘Sanctuary’ will be released on November 18th

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