Introducing SPRING HILL WALKERS CLUB With Debut Single ‘Sertraline’

Photo by Dean Swindell

Introducing Spring Hill Walkers Club, the brand new project from Turrbal/Brisbane-based singer songwriter Keziah Davies. Today, Spring Hill Walkers Club unveils the debut single Sertraline – an honest, reflective account of Davies journey with her mental health.

Davies started writing Sertraline while on a well-deserved holiday in Coolangatta last year, after working 5 to 6 days a week as a medical receptionist throughout the pandemic. 

“I had taken my guitar and planned on working on a number of songs but in reality I only picked it up once,” reflects Davies. “Amazingly it only took that one time and I had the first verse and vocal melody for ‘Sertraline’ written. I think it’s quite apt, how calm I felt watching the whales from the balcony and writing that verse, only to head home the next day to be broken up with by my then-boyfriend (it’s okay, we’re great friends still).”

“Over the next few months I eventually finished writing the lyrics, which naturally by that point had changed the song into being about me dealing with the stress and anxiety from the breakdown of that relationship, realising I needed help and wanting to own up in song to the fact that I was (and still am) taking antidepressants.” 


Drawing inspiration from the likes of international indie favourites Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy, through to artists closer to home like Courtney Barnett, Merpire, and Julia Jacklin, the Spring Hill Walkers Club project offers up a candid take on mental health, alongside finding joy in the day to day. 

“I’m inspired by simple things like sitting in the sun, and enjoying tending to my plants. I’m also fairly obsessed with Australian artists for the most part, I think we have an amazing plethora of talented acts who inspire me constantly.”

Sertraline was recorded alongside a collection of songs at Hunting Grounds Studios, with production and mixing by Krishan Meepe and mastering by Adam Dempsey.



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