Coastal Indie-Pop Trio BUSINESS. Release New Single ‘i need another plan’ Ahead Of Sophomore EP

“While the band play to their simply recorded, plug-in and play charms, BUSINESS also display a dextrous song-writing knack and way with a catchy melody which will stand them in good stead for whichever direction they choose to channel their musical talents in the future.”BLANK GC

“Made up of Elijah Hughes, guitarist and bassist Regan Hickey, and drummer Callum Watson, BUSINESS are already carving their own way, proving themselves as not only talented musicians, but also bringing a zesty approach to their releases.”MILKY

With their seaside-infused indie-pop prowess and penchant for casual office attire, Gold Coast (AUS) indie trio BUSINESS. are getting right down to it with bubbly new single i need another plan ahead of the release of sophomore EP ‘a weekend at finn’s’ on October 15.

Making a huge impact over the last six months with the release of debut EP ‘Like You’, BUSINESS. return, rocking swaggering professionalism and their plug-in-and-play charm with a fresh new track that showcases the band’s sunshine-filled melodies and honest lyricism.

With the satisfying crackle of vinyl, i need another plan springs into step with jovially strummed guitar as frontman Elijah Hughes takes us on a journey through the verse with his golden vocals. Bright and happy, the track moves through bouncy verses, building to a swinging chorus featuring upbeat percussive elements, delightful grooves and a swinging riff segue. With charming guitar layers boasting enticing bass riffs, the track delivers the warming energy of coastal indie-rock whilst remaining an irresistible indie-pop tune, showing off the boys’ dynamism and growing sound.

Known for sharing personal coming of age stories with raw, honest lyricism, i need another plan yearns with wanting to start over and be better, all the while knowing that real change needs to come from within. Elijah states: “This song is a wish to go to another place, where I can start over and be a better man.”

Captivating audiences with their energetic live performances, BUSINESS. will be launching their sophomore EP at the Burleigh BBQ Bazaar, Gold Coast on October 15.

The BUSINESS. boys’ charming new single i need another plan is OUT NOW


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