Alt-Rockers EYETHEWILD Announce New Album ‘Colours Of The Dark’ + Release New Single

Gold Coast Alt-Rockers Eyethewild announce new album ‘Colours Of The Dark’ due for release on November 12th, 2021. Accompanying this exciting announcement is the band’s menacing new single Nothing To Fear, a mid-tempo melancholic sonic voyage through the spectrum of love and loss in a spaghetti western infused goth-rock package reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins & The Pretty Reckless.

Quite the change in direction from their warm & vibrant debut single Hollywood Dream, Nothing To Fear is a chilling and dark masterpiece effortlessly swerving between melodic finger-picked passages and heavier full-bodied sections. Albeit rich with vocal harmonies, vocalist Astrid Ehrnholm’s voice takes on more of a sinister tone on the verses which lends itself well to the track. The words “I have nothing to fear” become anthemic in their repetition and ultimately resolve with an eerie guttural note harmonised with a ghostly falsetto wail leaving the listener wanting more!

Drummer Ryan Williams speaks on the single “Nothing To Fear explores the rollercoaster ride of emotions faced when dealing with unrequited love – sadness, anger, rejection, mourning and the rediscovery of one’s self. The haunting vocals take the listener on a journey that travels the long road from the depths of heartache and despair, right through to the moment of reawakening and realisation that you can move on to a life without fear. The band follows an equally dynamic trajectory, running the gamut from stripped-back and ethereal to climaxing with pulverising heaviness and fire-breathing guitar solos”

Eyethewild’s sound is steeped in the glory years of hard rock but with a modern and progressive twist that keeps the listeners’ engaged. Ehrnholm’s captivating vocals range from the sublime and sultry to heat laden belts delivering melodies drenched in sweetness, sorrow and sometimes a little spite! Incorporating a broad range of influences, Eyethewild infuse folk, progressive rock and metal to create their own alternative-rock concoction saturated with attitude and power.

Nothing To Fear is Out Now

‘Colours Of The Dark’ is available for digital pre-orders HERE


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