EVES KARYDAS Releases New EP ‘Reruns’

“Eves Karydas proves her pop queen status again.” – triple j

“‘Complicated sees Eves Karydas delivering what might just be the year’s best pop anthem.” – Rolling Stone Australia

“Complicated…is shaping up to be one of the biggest crossover pop hits of the year. (25 Aussie stars of the future you need to know)” – The Daily Telegraph

“Burgeoning pop star status” – MTV Australia

EVES KARYDAS today shares her hotly anticipated new EP ‘Reruns’, out now via Dew Process. Driven by hooky choruses, bittersweet lyrics and impressive pop production, ‘Reruns’ proves to be Eves‘ most intimate and honest expression yet. Listen HERE.

Eves shares: The Reruns EP is a collection of songs that are about, and forgive the pun, complications. These are songs I’ve written in response to various frustrations I’ve felt in my early/mid 20s, which include relationships that weren’t very straightforward, navigating a work/life balance, feeling constantly out of step with everyone around me (thank you social media), the nostalgia trap, depression, and above all – trying to find moments of peace amongst all that chaos. 

I chose the title ‘Reruns’ because last year I started feeling like I was stuck in a loop, not really moving forward. I was rehashing old memories, mourning past versions of myself… to the extent that it made me feel a bit unhinged. Why can’t I move on? Why aren’t I growing? Why is a failing relationship affecting my self-worth? Where did my job go? Can I pay my rent this week? Are my problems even real problems? When did everything get so fucking complicated? 

These are the questions I asked myself, and I’m glad I did because I made songs out of it that I’m really proud of. Written all over the world, pre-pandemic and during, making this EP has really helped me move on with life.”

The six track release, which delivered global pop anthem Complicated as well as Get Me So High, Freckles, Lemonade, and Cardboard Box feat. Hauskey, also includes the previously unheard title track. The painfully euphoric independence anthem was written in a zoom session with Gustav Nystrom (Sweden) and Petter Tarland (Sweden), and produced by longtime collaborator Konstantin Kersting (Australia).

Eves shares: “These are some of my favourite lyrics I’ve written. I pitched it to my producer as “max-euphoria”, inescapable good vibes. It’s about reclaiming your dignity after a breakup. That weird sense of power in not having your shit together, or barely having left the house for weeks. I think in moments like these you just have to accept you’re in a grieving phase and embrace it in the hope of eventually moving forwards. It’s one of my favourite’s on the EP and I wanted it to be the last piece of the puzzle.”

It was mid 2020 when Eves Karydas shared the irresistible single Complicated. The track managed to connect on a global scale, accumulating millions of streams, breaking through commercially and scoring support from BBC Radio 1 and triple j. Hailed as one of the year’s best pop songs, the track shepherded a new era for Eves, which has since seen her play a series of sold out tour dates, receive a coveted #22 place in triple j’s Hottest 100, and perform on ABC’s The Set and triple j’s Like A VersionThe Daily Telegraph tipped her as an ‘Australian star of the future that you need to know’ and she’s also won praise from the likes of The Guardian, Euphoria Magazine, MTV, NME Australia and Rolling Stone. 

‘Reruns’ EP by Eves Karydas is OUT NOW
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