CEDARSMOKE Keep It Real With New Single ‘Sadly Ever After’ + Announce Debut Album

“My fave yet from Cedarsmoke. it feels carefree and loved up and the sweetness never feels overplayed!” 4 / 5 stars
(Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“Supremely loveable tune here and love that vocal. Its making me feel like its summer in this Arctic snap im in. Thanks Cedarsmoke!” 4 / 5 stars
(Gemma Pike, Triple J) 

“They’re a band that put storytelling at the forefront”

“It’s a glorious pastiche of popular culture references.”
(AU Review)

“A gorgeous slice of sunny indie pop that mashes together a brash, rocky riff that gives the track an appealing one-two punch”

“It’s the power to generate such vivid landscapes of longing, loss, frustration and doubt that makes Cedarsmoke one of the most relatable bands going.” (Hysteria Mag)

Combining their sauntering, red apple charm with a brutal bite of stinging honesty, Brisbane-based alt-rock band Cedarsmoke are up to their old tricks, keeping it real with new single Sadly Ever After and are announcing their debut EP ‘Into The Wild World’, coming out on October 22.

Once upon a time, in July of this year, Cedarsmoke showed us a new, more optimistic side to their music with sunny new single Anything, until the clouds came rolling back in just in time for the brooding five-piece to remind us that happily ever after can’t last forever.

Now, Sadly Ever After pans in with over-driven guitars and enthusiastic drums as frontman Jon Cloumassis hits us with his distinctive Aussie rasp. A simple 50’s-style do-wop progression remains constant, as punchy synths and backing vocals from familiar Cedarsmoke guest vocalist Maddie Keinonen (Dumb Things) take the chorus from pumpkin to carriage. With wacky guitar bending riffs and slightly disgruntled melodies, the slight flavour of early 2000’s alt-rock/grunge seeping into the track makes us nostalgic for the Disney films of our youth.

Staying true to Cedarsmoke’s self-deprecating style and love of metaphors, Sadly Ever After is a splash of cold water to the face, acting as a reminder that although dreams are possible, it’s just as important to get your head out of the clouds. The band further explain: fairytale cliches (like lovers running off together) with anodyne realities (like having enough long-service leave to do so).”

It’s no frog-prince surprise that Cedarsmoke‘s previous releases have seen support from the fairy godparents of the music world, including Triple JtheMusic, AU Review, AAA Backstage, Hysteria Mag, Scenestr, Music Is My Muse, Local Band Smokeout, Triple J Unearthed and more.

So check your glass slippers at the door and hold off befriending the rodents in your walls, because Cedarsmoke’s new single Sadly Ever After is out TODAY – September 24. Their debut album ‘Into The Wild World’ will be released on October 22.

Sadly Ever After IS OUT NOW
Stream it HERE


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