CHELSEA WARNER Unveils Coming-Of-Age Single ‘Not In The Mood’ + Announces Debut EP

“Chelsea’s got the vision and skills as a producer, player, writer and singer to realise that vision. When she sings about “eyes on me”? Only a matter of time.”Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed
“It’s catwalk level smooth and suave sounds from Chelsea!”Declan Byrne, Triple j
Drama: “The track was written, recorded and produced entirely by Warner, and sports a heady, atmospheric energy that allows her soaring lead vocal to own the spotlight.”  – NME Australia
“Australia’s future is going to be full of R&B stars… Chelsea Warner is someone that in 2020, is making herself known as one to watch and joining this legion of future names.”Pilerats
“The new single (Drama) is buoyed by Warner’s silky vocals and mellow instrumentation – shimmering, understated keys and a slinky bass line making up a lot of the track’s backbone.”  Music Feeds
“Alluring, velvety, sophisticated alt-pop that coos hazy trip hop, R&B vibes, Sydney artist Chelsea Warner’s first release of 2021 is ‘Drama’.”  – Scenestr 
“With such an impressive catalogue already, Chelsea Warner continues to prove herself as a major figure to keep an eye on in the future.” – Future Music Mag
“The tune sees the multi instrumentalist wonder flex those expansive production chops on us in tandem with her precision as a songwriter” – Life Without Andy

Sydney’s Chelsea Warner is back with her second release for the year in Not In The Mood. Another playful R&B jam, this new song is beginning a period of evolution for Chelsea as a confident lyricist and producer, growing her sound and style with musings on the exploration of self-love and coming of age.

Not In The Mood was produced by Chelsea Warner, and formidable pop/Alt-R&B artist, songwriter and producer, Maribelle (Vetta Borne) with Matt ‘Xiro’ Fioravanti (Kymie, Tasman Keith, Kwame) as mastering engineer.

“Not In The Mood is about spending quality time with yourself. Hidden within its sassy, standoffish veneer is a profound self-love that says it’s okay to just enjoy your own company. I wrote this track to try and understand myself better, noticing my desire to be more and more introverted. It’s a love song to solitude, and a diss to people who can make you crave it.”CHELSEA WARNER

The multi-instrumentalist (vocals, keys, guitar, bass) wrote Not In The Mood at the beginning of 2020 where the experience of isolation helped trigger potent songwriting ideas, Chelsea saying “I realised just how profoundly fulfilling spending time alone is, and really reconnected with myself for the first time in a while. I also realised it was exhausting interacting with people so often and that, this whole time, I was quite introverted.” 

Sonically, the track moves between snapshots of gritty, jazzy R&B, laid back vibes and pop music, thus one again showcasing Chelsea’s superior production prowess. “I made the beat first before writing the track, and this was the first time I’d done things in that order. Now it’s one of the main ways I write, since I spend so much time making beats. I remember stumbling on these weird chords when I was playing keys and thinking they were a cool basis for a song, then building everything else up from there! Like everything else last year, writing this was a blur, but I clearly had something I needed to say!”

For fans of alt-R&B acts such as Solange, KAYTRANADA and Milan Ring, Chelsea Warner’s debut EP ‘Drama’ sets her apart in Australia’s expanding neo soul scene. The EP features a collection of songs from a young woman evolving from girlhood to a more well rounded brilliant R&B artist in the making. 

“My debut EP  is an alternative R&B record that details my coming of age and self-actualisation. ‘Drama’ is the drama of living. The drama of growing up. The theatricality of the world. The way it feels like a stage, or that you’re always waiting to be seen. Either chasing or shrivelling up under the spotlight. The competitive, anxiety-inducing headrush of constantly unpacking the world and your place in it. The invisible audience that shadows you throughout adolescence, informing every moment and every decision. The main character energy in the narrative of coming of age.” CHELSEA WARNER

Recent projects with Sydney’s Anieszka (Presence, True) and Melbourne’s Xirita (Burnt Toast), as well as supporting the likes of Hope DEluera and Abby Bella May live, have seen Chelsea’s profile grow significantly locally, while also working with noted French producer Roman Kouder on his latest album.

Not In The Mood IS OUT NOW
‘Drama’ EP is released Friday November 5 


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