SANNIA Unveils Fresh Bop ‘Sad Rich Girls’

“Good things take time. Rightly so – it’s been worth the wait between releases for Melbourne’s SANNIA who has seemingly spent the last year and a bit adding a penthouse level to her already towering stature as a vocalist. This track looms above with a soaring presence and won’t let go of my attention. 4 stars”
Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed,
“Sannia has crafted this one to perfection. you create an emotional connection early then i was basically under your command for that swirling, building second half of the song. 4.5 stars”
Declan Byrne,Triple j 
“okay go off, these vocals are insane! really love the storyline of the track and the build on this one is really something. 4 stars.”
Ash McGregor, Triple j
“Absolute gorgeous track from Sannia here. The vocals, the production. the lyrics. That beat switch up at the tail end of the track is other worldly.”
Dave Woodhead, Triple j
“What a commanding debut and guac damn, that note at 1:25. Can we just take a moment here!”
Bridget Hustwaite, Triple j
“Sannia’s finally found a track with the production to match the scale of her voice (well… as close as any can come). One for anyone in a relationship they’re just not sure about.”
Tommy Faith, Triple j Unearthed
“she shines a proper light on authentic and emotion-backed songwriting that feels like something real…”
“…retaining the emotion of her previous single while introducing bigger, bolder – and somewhat more upbeat – sonic territory.”
Music Feeds
“Sannia is on track to be one of the biggest names in Australian music”
Tyler Jenke, Tone Deaf
“The song is a glorious, melancholic telling of the age old story of falling in love with the wrong person and having your heart broken in the process”
Women in Pop

Traversing her own wave of indie luxe-pop, Melbourne’s SANNIA returns with new single Sad Rich Girls. The track is the follow up to Triple j favourites Go and Get Over, Better and Love You Like.

Sad Rich Girls is a cheeky diss track that pulls no punches. It’s a statement on that one girl we all know who always brings the drama. The kind of girl that instead of lifting her sisters up will drag them down to get to the top – forgetting that women are stronger when we stand together.
Sharing her feelings about Sad Rich Girls, SANNIA says “As such a strong feminist, I’m the most nervous I’ve ever been to release a song. I’m a firm believer that women have a duty to lift other women up, but I’ve had this recurring lived experience that there’s always one girl determined to win some sort of contest – pitting girls against each other – and I think it hinders the cause of women’s true equality. The sooner we stop bitching about what other women say and do and wear the better. Maybe then we can devote our energy towards something more important like fundamental rights for all or climate change.”
The song kicks off with samples of old paparazzi footage for that early-2000s TMZ energy, and the huge live drums – tracked on a vintage 60s Ludwig kit – sends the chorus into anthem territory. Bringing his textured and lush expansive sound to Sad Rich Girls is Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson who mixed and produced the track with SANNIA as co-producer, and mastering by Leon Zevros at Studios 301, Sydney.

I started by pulling some samples from early 2000s Paparazzi and fan-filmed celebrity interactions and stitched together the intro and ending of my homemade demo. I really wanted to capture that Paris Hilton-era cat-fight energy. I then took the demo to Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson where we tracked guitar, bass, vocals and live drums on a vintage 60s Ludwig Kit for that huge anthemic drum sound. Sad Rich Girls is pure catfight energy, it’s Paris v. Lindsay, it’s Mariah v. Nicki, Kourtney v. Khloé, it’s every episode of The Bachelor – all while ignoring the real issues facing our world today.” – SANNIA

SANNIA’s profile has grown significantly since winning the nationwide Triple j Unearthed competition to tour with The Rubens and supporting the likes of Tia Gostelow, Kira Puru, Eliott and Thando. She was also a finalist in Nashville’s International songwriting competition out of 26,000 entries last year.

Sad Rich Girls IS OUT NOW

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