MoonDoll Festival Q&A Series: Josh Murphy of FLANGIPANIS

Words/Interview: Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

With MoonDoll Music Festival this weekend, we’ve taken some time to swing some messages to some of the bands and artists on the bill to ask them about the upcoming event and live music festivals in general, as well as some other questions to get to know them a little better! Next up we have Brisbane’s biggest party punks, Flangipanis! Josh Murphy (guitarist) with the answers…

How excited are you to play MoonDoll Festival this year? 

We’re super pumped to join the line up! There’s so many rad bands we’re looking forward to playing with.

How crazy do you think I am for putting on a music festival in 2021? 

It’s pretty wild trying to do anything right now so I’m glad we just have to turn up and play and you get to do all the tricky work.

How do you feel about music festivals in general? 

It’s fun to hang out with mates all day and see a bunch of bands. We struggle with pacing ourselves all day though, so it’s going to be interesting to see how we’re going by the time we get onstage…

What is the best music festival you’ve ever been to? Name the festival, the year, and the highlights of the event!

I’m going to cop out and say all the mini fests we got to do in Melbourne at The Brunny (RIP). Always a whole bunch of friends, sick bands and a really nice vibe.

If you could play a festival with any band or artist in the whole world, who would it be and why? 

Mach Pelican or Dick Nasty just because they’re both still on my lineup sharing wish list.

If you could create your own all star line up for a huge music festival, who would be your top five headlining bands? 

Dick Nasty, Mach Pelican (obvs) Limp Wrist, Dead, Direct Hit!
I’m not sure how many other people are coming to my festival…but if that’s the headliners I don’t really care.

Who are you most excited to see at MoonDoll this year?

Oh geez, obviously Freakshow Nightmare, Slurpee Jerks and Mitch, Please are all super good friends we’re keen to party with. Anty is always a heap of fun, Lunchtime and PhD! have been doing great stuff lately. It’s all looking pretty fun, picking a favourite is too hard!  

Who would you like to see on MoonDoll next year?

Hopefully some interstaters!

If you/your band was asked to include one cover song in your set, what song would you choose and why? 

We’re the worst at remembering covers, so probably Minnie the Moocher since it’s the only one we all remember.

How do you feel about mixed genre festivals and gigs? 

I love it. If I’m watching a whole day of bands a good mix is crucial!

Who is your favourite local band? 

Dick Nasty…surprise haha

Who is your favourite Australian band of all time? 

I don’t want to blow any minds…but possibly Dick Nasty. Or Mach Pelican. Or Chinese Burns Unit, or Shadow League…..I’m very forgetful/indecisive and it’s exhausting just trying to pick.

If you could give your fans and followers words of wisdom or a motto, what would it be?

Don’t listen to anything I say.
Except the bits about Dick Nasty.

Catch Flangipanis at MoonDoll Music Festival on Saturday the 11th of September 2021 at the Mansfield Tavern.

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