Drop The Dead Weight With AGAPANTHER’s Savage New Punk Anthem ‘Pseudo’

‘Pseudo’ Radio Premiere – Triple J Short Fast Loud (Wednesday Sept 8)

‘Pseudo’ Online Premiere – Blunt Mag (Thursday Sept 9)

“This Adelaide bunch might be your next favourite melodic punk band. Hopefully the live shows around the country aren’t too far away!” 4 / 5 stars – Tommy Faith, Triple J

“supercharging your emotions with mammoth punk rock is the agapanther way and it’s working again here!” 4 / 5 stars – Declan Byrne, Triple J

“Emotionally hard-hitting” – Hysteria Mag

“They’ve really set themselves up strongly for a ridiculously exciting future, and I’ll be following cause I’ve swallowed the bait and I’m hooked.” –  Wall Of Sound (10 / 10 – ‘Overdue’ EP Review)

“One of the most exciting bands I’ve come across in 2020 are AGAPANTHER.” – Depth Mag 

Sick of being surrounded by fake friends? So are Adelaide alt-punk rockers AGAPANTHER, who are back with a savage punk anthem that gives the middle finger to anyone ingenuine. Cue Pseudo, out TODAY (September 10) and its accompanying music video made up of raw live footage.

Off the back of the latest rousing alt-rock release Last Legs, AGAPANTHER remain in full gear, delivering unabashed hardcore vigour doused in emotional exuberance for their new track.

Fiercely engaging, Pseudo brings the heat with moreish punk-rock progressions boasting choppy guitars, hammering drums and brawny vocals that are teeming with pent up exasperation. Deliciously absorbing guitar riffs roam wild throughout the track as aggressive drums and commanding vocal hooks explode and disperse without warning.

Quivering in anticipation, the defiant bridge brings an angst-ridden, emo-punk brashness that ultimately splatters dramatically on the walls in a crescendo of wrathful drums and rage-infused vocals. A true belter, Pseudo will leave you breathless, voiceless and a lot lighter after dropping all that dead weight.

Leaving no room for forgiveness, AGAPANTHER deliver brutal lyrical honesty, absolutely fed up with people that leave a trail of lame excuses and broken promises in their wake. The band explain further:

“Pseudo rips right into those who are obliviously flaky, the ones who go out of their way to tell you they’ll be there for you, yet seem to vanish when the time comes, and it’s a massive middle finger to the people who are constantly spewing lies. Inspired by bands like Drug Church and Heart Attack Man, this punk anthem will be your catalyst and newfound confidence to finally run from those one-way, dead-end friendships.”

AGAPANTHER’s previous releases have seen support from Wall Of Sound, Depth Magazine, AUpiumHysteria MagAAA BackstageThe FactionTriple J Unearthed and more.

Pseudo is out everywhere on September 10
 It features alongside Last Legs on exclusive split vinyl ‘A World Extended Past Yourself’ available for purchase at AGAPANTHER and Grizzly Shark shows


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