DAMAGED RECORDS Announce First Volume of ‘Cabin Fever’ Compilation

Artwork by Anty Horgan (@cpw40)

The COVID-19 related lockdowns imposed on Australia have inhibited life as we know it. Not only has this alien new reality restricted our movements, but  also restricted has been the soundtrack to memories not made at sun drenched music festivals, or late at night in music venues across the country and world.

Many of the world’s creatives are stuck inside their homes, left isolated with nothing but their finely honed neurologically creative minds as it fires off inspiration sporadically. 

In many cases, these moments of bouffée délirante are captured through the artists’ instruments and home recording gear; too commonly destined for dormancy until the burst of energy can be brought to a band practice, a producer, a live show.

So, to celebrate these beautiful moments of inspiration, Damaged have compiled the ‘Cabin Fever’ Compilation.

10 tracks of creative power, honed and recorded in lockdown featuring bands and band members from ClownsDZ DeathraysBec StevensPrivate Function, ISUAWhitehorseThese New South WhalesC.O.F.F.I.N, Drunk MumsDumb Punts, Inedia and more. It’s a chance for you to hear what ideas are floating around the zeitgeist of some of your favourite artists’ minds. It’s music, recorded and demoed in a moment of inspiration with their guard down, organic and whole. Perhaps these materials contain roots destined to grow and flower into your future favourite song?

‘Cabin Fever Vol. 1’ will be available for purchase Friday September 3rd (aka Bandcamp Friday). 

**All money made from the Bandcamp sales will be split equally among the artists who donated a portion of their creative energy towards the project**


With thanks to Beehive PR

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