MoonDoll Festival Q&A Series: Hryma of BALTIMORE GUN CLUB

Words/Interview: Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

With MoonDoll Music Festival just around the corner, we’ve taken some time to swing some messages to some of the bands and artists on the bill to ask them about the upcoming event and live music festivals in general, as well as some other questions to get to know them a little better! Next up we have Gold Coast/Brisbane rockers, Baltimore Gun Club, Hryma is the resident bass player, harmonica player and in-house band artist. If you’ve not already enjoyed Hryma‘s art, check it out here. Read his responses to The Colourful Writer’s questions below…

How excited are you to play MoonDoll Festival this year?​

Cowabunga! Is that an answer? I’ve always found it a tough word to use in a sentence. But I know I’m pretty cowabunga to be playing at it 🙂

How crazy do you think I am for putting on a music festival in 2021?​

That’s called hope! So I’ve got full respect.

How do you feel about music festivals in general?​

Firstly, excited to see what the lineup will be then chances are slightly bummed that there’s clashes, haha.

What is the best music festival you’ve ever been to? Name the festival, the year, and the highlights of the event!

Offshore ’98
Primus (made sure I was on the barricade!)
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Everclear (at the time was their last show, after a firecracker was thrown on stage, the bass player went to pick it up and it exploded before he did. They walked offstage in anger and a day or 2 later announced they’d broken up).
No fun at All
The Superjesus
Front End Loader

+ more, I didn’t leave the stage.

If you could play a festival with any band or artist in the whole world, who would it be and why?​

Haha, people who know me know. Hint, bass to the front.

If you could create your own all star line up for a huge music festival, who would be your top five headlining bands?​

We talking alive? I’ll combine 😉
Primus, Faith No More, Prince, Traveling Wilburys , SMV.

Who are you most excited to see at MoonDoll this year?​

In all honesty I’m really keen to be there all day, see everyone and discover some bands I’ve never seen before!

Who would you like to see on MoonDoll next year?

Get Pornland to reunite! That would blow my socks and pants off!

If you/your band was asked to include one cover song in your set, what song would you choose and why?​

One thing we can’t agree on is covers, haha. But we have recently discussed doing a version of Kylie’s Loco-Motion.

How do you feel about mixed genre festivals and gigs?​

I’ve got a random music collection so I’m all for it.

Who is your favourite local band?​

Just one? Anyone I know personally, you’re all my favorites! But someone I hadn’t seen before and then we played alongside them earlier this year were The Aunties, talented dudes, good songs!

Who is your favourite Australian band of all time?​

Pre-Shrunk, 2 bassists and a funky drummer, wooku!

If you could give your fans and followers words of wisdom or a motto, what would it be?

If you like it and it ain’t hurting anyone or anything, then be you, be considerate and breathe, the best you can.

Catch Baltimore Gun Club at MoonDoll Music Festival on Saturday the 11th of September 2021 at the Mansfield Tavern.

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