MoonDoll Festival Q&A Series: MALINA CLAIRE

Words/Interview: Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

With MoonDoll Music Festival just around the corner, we’ve taken some time to swing some messages to some of the bands and artists on the bill to ask them about the upcoming event and live music festivals in general, as well as some other questions to get to know them a little better! Next up we have the stunningly beautiful songbird, Malina Claire (who is also one of our wonderful wordsmiths at Good Call Live, by golly we have a talented bunch of people here!)

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How excited are you to play MoonDoll Festival this year? 

I’ve actually never played a festival before so I’m super excited! Since COVID hit, all of my original gigs have been cancelled, so I’ve been sitting on these ideas for a while! I’ll be bringing my cellist Isabella Leon and my violinist Gabrielle Kerr with me, who I haven’t shared the stage with since October in 2019! I love these ladies and how pretty they make my songs; I can’t wait for you to hear what they can do!

How crazy do you think I am for putting on a music festival in 2021? 

Replace ‘crazy’ with ‘passionate’ and that explains it! Thank you for still believing in live music!

How do you feel about music festivals in general? 

I love everything about music festivals except for the portaloos.

What is the best music festival you’ve ever been to? Name the festival, the year, and the highlights of the event!

Surprisingly, I haven’t been to many music festivals! But my best memories are from Big Pineapple Festival in 2018! It was the first time I had seen many artists such as Cub Sport, Violent Soho and The Dune Rats, all who I’ve wanted to see for years! Greta Stanley, COG, RACKETT and Maddy Jane were all highlights too! I also always love big events like the Gold Coast Music Awards back when they had Surfers Paradise Live and, of course, BIGSOUND!

If you could play a festival with any band or artist in the whole world, who would it be and why? 

Any member of the boygenius. trio! I think my music would match the most with Phoebe Bridgers as we both have a leading single about emotionally abusive relationships.

If you could create your own all star line up for a huge music festival, who would be your top five headlining bands? 

My festival would have to be, in line with my own music, ‘sad girl hours’ themed full of fed up women. I would have Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Mitski, Fiona Apple and BANKS. I wouldn’t mind a slot by Cub Sport, Montaigne or a sneaky Ball Park set either if we wanted to keep it Australian!

Who are you most excited to see at MoonDoll this year? 

I am most excited to see Chiffon Magnifique’s debut! I love everything Jed has ever done. I’ve loved his music since his last project and have only seen him grow creatively stronger everyday. His approach to music and individuality is something I am forever inspired by. He is also one of the most genuinely incredible people I have ever met. EVERYONE who reads this better be at his set!

Who would you like to see on MoonDoll next year?

There’s so many incredible bands around the Gold Coast and Brisbane; it’s so hard to narrow down! I would DEFINITELY love to see Lexi Quinn play! They’re a really amazing, queer, progressive rock group from Brisbane who make some seriously incredible music! Shakes Fear and the Skeleton Gang I think could really shake things up at Moondoll as well! They are headed by a time travelling hobo so it doesn’t get much more shaken up than that! Lotus Ship are an incredible Gold Coast based psychedelic rock band who can sell out any room (you better listen to their new album!). Nap Wars latest work is like Paramore if they added a little bit of extra math into their time signatures, and I’m not super into heavier music, but I am OBSESSED with Empire Within!.In Eyes as well for more female-fronted rock. Hazel Mei is one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen; like Brisbane’s answer to Regina Spektor. If you want to add more pop music to the list, I think Saint Barae is one of the most unique and talented artists around right now, as well as KYA if you need some more feminine energy, or just somebody to get you dancing! I’ve gotten a little bit carried away… there’s just so much great music going around.

If you/your band was asked to include one cover song in your set, what song would you choose and why? 

Well, we’ve actually snuck a little cover song in there I guess you’ll have to wait and see…

How do you feel about mixed genre festivals and gigs? 

I believe mixed genre is ABSOLUTELY the way to go! Every festival needs diversity, and why go to a festival if you’re not interested in hearing new artists? Music is so cool, and there’s so many incredible artists to learn about!

Who is your favourite local band? 

This is an impossible question for me as I love so many acts. But, based on recent releases, I have to say Lotus Ship and Saint Barae!

Who is your favourite Australian band of all time? 

Well, besides Shannon Noll, I have to say Ball Park Music! They have one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen and most interesting lyrical content of many bands. None of their albums ever get old. They are the one band I have seen the most live in the world.

If you could give your fans and followers words of wisdom or a motto, what would it be?


But also; “Seize the moment, because tomorrow you might be dead” – Buffy Summers.

Catch Malina Claire at MoonDoll Music Festival on Saturday the 11th of September 2021 at the Mansfield Tavern.

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