Feel Yourself With Bold New Self-Love Anthem ‘Thicc’ From PROJECT BEXX

“All three of these bexx uploads are hi energy pop slices to give you a real boost!” 4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“BEXX live show is dancy, with an analogue flavour like Kraftwerk, bouncy and tongue-in-cheek like LCD Soundsystem, gritty like Soulwax and downright silly like Confidence Man. And all peppered with BEXX huge hip hop level of bravado”(Xpress Mag)

“BEXX’s music is some of the most exciting we’ve come across in Perth’s last twelve months, let alone in the niche pocket of club-ready dance music she specialises in. She’s a star, and as soon as WA artists begin their descent to the east coast for gigs, everyone else is going to see that too.” (Pilerats)

Bright, daring and self-assured, Perth-based electronic producer, DJ and performance artist Project BEXX answers to no one. Bringing her playful, bad-b*tch energy, she is releasing Thicc TODAY August 27 – an empowering, sweat-inducing single paired with a heart-rate raising music video that’s a middle finger salute to toxic social constructs around body image.

Quickly transforming into a household name since debuting as a DJ in 2019, Project BEXX emerged as a solo project last year, with tantalising dance-pop originals and insane live shows that lead to her supporting huge Australian artists including Tame Impala and POND, as well as winning the coveted WAM award for Best Live Electronic Act 2021.

Now, Project BEXX is back with another original song, delivering a high-energy dose of body positivity wrapped in an addictive dance-pop track that bristles with her distinctive boss-b*tch sass.

Engulfed in a convulsing party-starter beat, Thicc is an instant bop as BEXX uses dangerously sugary vocals to voice her powerful message of self-love with snappy lyrical hooks. Moving effortlessly between playful vocal deliveries and a stronger, sassy tone, BEXX is as wild as she is bold in a song that is both light-heartedly fun and extremely important. Melding robotic and rhythmic elements, Thicc remains compelling with relentless electronic dance beats and intriguing production layers, including a pitched-up vocal loop of “imma thicc” that runs throughout the majority of the song, reinforcing the undeniable mantra.

Using her fearless attitude to convey an important message, BEXX wrote Thicc as an anthem for self-love and body positivity, demonstrated in the vibrant and entertaining music video.

Featuring multiple scenes, the video sees BEXX and her entourage rocking colourful activewear as they eat sugary treats, complete at-home workouts and perform choreographed dances. Each scene is representative of being comfortable in one’s own skin, demonstrating the song’s key meaning, as BEXX explains:

“All people deserve to have a positive relationship with their body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape/size/look. I wrote this song because I have been fighting with this struggle my whole life. Writing this song was at first just a healing and inspiring act for myself. ‘Thicc’ is for all the people who have had issues with their body in the past, and are OVER IT. It is an anthem for self-love and I just hope it brings that sense of empowerment to anyone who hears it.”

Project BEXX’s new single Thicc will be breaking down toxic social constructs from TODAY – August 27!

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