MoonDoll Festival Q&A Series: Lucas Blackburn of ODIUS

Words/Interview: Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

With MoonDoll Music Festival just around the corner, we’ve taken some time to swing some messages to some of the bands and artists on the bill to ask them about the upcoming event and live music festivals in general, as well as some other questions to get to know them a little better! First up we have the THRASH Metal Kings of Brisbane – Odius – frontman, Lucas Blackburn has answered these questions prepared by The Colourful Writer.

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How excited are you to play MoonDoll Festival this year? 

Odius are always excited for MoonDoll, this festival was our first show ever with the new and current lineup of Odius, so it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

How crazy do you think I am for putting on a music festival in 2021? 

Not at all, for if you book them, they will come. And it gives us bands a reason to put on pants in the morning.

How do you feel about music festivals in general? 

I love me a good music festival, they are great for bands, fans of bands and alcoholics to relieve the stress and immerse themselves in an acid trip worth of music.  

What is the best music festival you’ve ever been to? Name the festival, the year, and the highlights of the event!

I’ve only been to a Soundwave festival, 2012 I believe it was. It was an amazing year, had System of a Down headline for the first time in like 10 years or something. And got to see Trivium, Black Label Society, Lamb of God and Vinnie Paul.

If you could play a festival with any band or artist in the whole world, who would it be and why? 

Any of those 3 day Euro festivals would be great, and Lamb of God, because I’m a huge fan girl and they are the greatest band ever.

If you could create your own all star line up for a huge music festival, who would be your top five headlining bands? 

Lamb of God, Pantera, Revocation, Suicidal Tendencies, David Hasslehoff

Who are you most excited to see at MoonDoll this year? 

Frankenbok, Beast Machine, Massic, PistonFist, Baltimore Gun Club, Muules 

Who would you like to see on MoonDoll next year?

Amicable Treason, Idle Ruin, Mason, Hidden Intent 

If you/your band was asked to include one cover song in your set, what song would you choose and why? 

Angel of Death – Slayer because 75% of the band forgot how to play Megadeth’s, Killing Is My Business. And we only know 2 covers.

How do you feel about mixed genre festivals and gigs? 

I love me a bit of variety, too much of the same thing gets sorta dull after a long period of time.

Who is your favourite local band? 

Amicable Treason, Idle Ruin – I broke the rules sorry.

Who is your favourite Australian band of all time? 

Amicable Treason………..or John Farnham haven’t quite decided yet.

If you could give your fans and followers words of wisdom or a motto, what would it be?

Always check your shoes for scorpions before you put them on.

Catch Odius at MoonDoll Music Festival on Saturday the 11th of September 2021 at the Mansfield Tavern.

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