SEEZ.ON Releases Debut Single ‘ME M.F’

Melbourne Industrial GlamTrapMetal artist, Seez.On has unveiled his debut single, ME M.F, out now on all listening and streaming platforms.

“For fucks sake, believe in yourself…” echoes in the opening of this in-your-face industrial mixed lolly bag of a track. Aggressive, direct and relentless, ME M.F hits hard as the first release from Seez.On AKA Jake Blatchly.

With hints of nu metal mixed with trap hip hop, industrial and heavy rock sounds, vibes and influence, this first new release is just a reflected glimmer from the sun upon a glittering ocean of what’s to come from this unique, creative and inspired soul.

Inspired by bands and artists such as Rob Zombie, Dorian Electra, Ashnikko, Guns N Roses, Limp Bizkit, Skinny Puppy, Jeris Johnson, Nine Inch Nails and Machine Gun Kelly, Seez.On’s sound is a beautifully mismatched concoction all stirred together in a giant cauldron of thoughts, dreams, emotions and talent.

You may recognise Jake from his previous role as the effervescent frontman with vocals that would soar to the ceiling of any room they played in for Melbourne rockers, White Devil Detroit.

Jake tells us what inspired this first release as Seez.On:

ME M.F. is an anthem of self belief and self empowerment. It came about after my previous band broke up and I had a massive downward spiral correlating with the beginning of the pandemic and lockdowns here in Melbourne. It’s about not needing anybody else to pursue my dreams and disregarding naysayers.”

Tune in to ME M.F right HERE

The track also features the voice of Adriana ‘Rocket Queen’ Smith. Adriana is well known as the voice that features in the Guns N Roses track, Rocket Queen. The beat for ME M.F was produced by Prod Ignorado and was mixed and mastered by Sloth Productions.

The artwork for the single was painted by the talented Peter Missing of the infamous industrial band, Missing Foundation.

Already an incredibly talented mix of creatives featuring in and backing this new solo venture from Jake, all makes for one heck of a first release. Seez.On is something incredibly real, raw, raucous, rambunctious and ready. Are you ready for Seez.On?

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Words: The Colourful Writer

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