MUULES Release Alt-Punk Ode To Self-Doubt With New Single ‘Drain’

Queensland alt-rock nerds, Muules have dug deeper into their collective conscious and brought up a punked-up ode to self-doubt in brand new single, Drain.

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Full of raw emotion and questioning life’s decisions, Drain packs a punch with fuzzed-out bass, ballistic beats, and a bonus one-man horn section to blast out a classic hooky line, courtesy of Sullivan Heywood (from dub/roots legends, Bearfoot).

Once again, Muules push the limits of what bass, drums and vocals can do (plus some extra synths), and deliver a full-sounding alternative punk anthem that draws influences from earlier Grinspoon, classic INXS, and a hint of Trophy Eyes.

Of the song, vocalist Nathan Vasey said that Drain evolved from one single jam session to morph into this frantic blast of previous relationship experiences.

“It’s about trying to express your thoughts and feelings in a relationship that has dulled, and grown in to putting on a brave face while deep down you know you are doubting your own choices and lifestyle, and how easy it is to normalise shitty behaviour. In the end, the only person responsible to turning your life around is you,” he said.

Produced by bassist thefoxiam, mixed by Ty Bain (who previously mixed fellow Sunshine Coasters, indie punks Swimsuit Issue), and mastered by Paul Blakey (12th and Vine Post).

Drain is the next taste of a much-awaited debut full length album from Muules, and was released on August 20th.

“I love the horns! The chorus is catch as f***. I definitely get a Less Than Jake vibe from it” – Sixth Wave Records

“There is no doubt an indie punk Green Day vibrancy and sense of urgency: a huge and passionate melodic framework and some very crunchy, thumping bass.” – Backseat Mafia

“The song travels into a bunch of different rock genres, there’s elements of punk, alt-rock and pop punk, mixing them all perfectly, for a great cohesive track.” – Rawing In The Pit

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