FLY AGARIC ‘Spawn’ New Track + Music Video

Riff laden rockers with a good serving of gorgeously gritty grunge, Fly Agaric have recently dropped their hottest track yet with a music video to match.

I’ll swim upstream, return to where I longSpawn is about a place I feel the call to return to as there will always be a part of me there…

The track commences with a steady beat that slowly builds as each layer finds its place, the noise level increases and the moods evoked become deeper. The bassline sits in your chest, solid like a rock as vocals and emotive lyrics begin to enter the mix. Close your eyes and you’re taken away to a deep dark green forest with an icy cold dark blue stream running through it, a smell of earth, dirt and rain fill your senses. You feel cold, with only glimmers of sun hitting your skin, dappled in the shaded light. A feeling of being completely alone yet knowing something is there, lurking in the shadows. Your own thoughts? The dark ones? Searching, finding, returning to where you long to be… Open your eyes again and the music video takes you exactly there. The visuals in the video displaying the feeling behind the track to perfection.

Spawn was recorded at Old Dog Studios in Northern NSW. It was engineered, mixed and mastered by Al Pegg and was produced by Al Pegg and Fly Agaric.

The music video was filmed, directed and produced by Peter Frare of Video Services in Northern NSW, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and was shot on location at Northern Rivers, Northern NSW Australia.

With sounds and vibes not unlike heavy hitting bands such as COG, Alice In Chains, Kyuss and more, plus being named after a dangerously poisonous yet beautiful and alluring mushroom, if you’ve not already entered the world of Fly Agaric, we highly recommend you do so. Now. For they are sure to spawn more amazing music to take you on more soul searching journeys upon a riff laden river of dreams.

Fly Agaric are:
Brett Zaferis: Vocals/Bass
Ralph Kynoch: Guitar/Vocals
Ned Cain: Drums

Catch them live at upcoming shows: details HERE.

‘Heavy rock from the Northern Rivers of NSW on Australia’s East Coast’

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Words: The Colourful Writer

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