PREMIERE: TOMI GRAY Reveals Title Track From EP ‘Asthma’

Quirky, poetic, dramatic and certainly unique is what touring Australian artist Tomi Gray (pronounced Toe-Mee) is known and revered for.  The Palm Beach multi-instrumentalist locks himself away for weeks at a time in his home studio surrounded by his menagerie of birds, three loud and equally bizarre female housemates and a bumbling blind bulldog. The latest EP from Gray is ‘Asthma’, a lockdown inspired steam train of running thought and countless hours of solitude. 

The leading track, Asthma is Tomi‘s reflection on dealing with the loss of identity.  As suggested by the song title, the single and the EP is threaded together by a series of strategies that delve into the world of Tomi‘s personal experiences throughout the time the world was in chaos. ‘Asthma’ explores the fear and uncertainty but also the hopefulness and self awareness when someone is suddenly unable to do the thing that they thought made them who they are.  

Tomi‘s quirk is evident through the EP’s following tracks such as Lying and Frisbee.  “Being trapped inside a house like mine certainly brought out the wackiness, the creative side lets loose in this EP and I am excited to share this newest experimentation”  – Tomi Gray. 

Whilst this EP mainly hovers in the alternative folk realm,the EP touches on several of Tomi‘s musical influences such as his vocal effects and loopings that create a familiar warm wall of sound throughout.  ‘Asthma’ also really embraces Tomi‘s passion for poetic writing, creative thinking and psychedelic exploration.  

Fittingly, the film clip for Asthma (to be released August 25) gives perfect insight into Tomi‘s creative lifestyle with the clip being filmed in his home studio where the EP itself was born.  

Tomi Gray is also a well known performer as having been part of the cast at Gold Coast infamous Draculas Cabaret for nearing three years now. As well as this he is a published children’s book author and one-third of the Aussie roots festival favourites, Kallidad.  For a creative individual with a unique twist and wide reaching zest for life, Tomi Gray is your guy.  

‘Asthma’ will be officially released on August 18, 2021 across all platforms

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