NICOLE MCKINNEY Set To Take Her EP Tour Across South-East Queensland

Nicole McKinney at The Zoo – photo by Calen Couteur

“What a sweeping, emotionally charged gem! if you like the way middle kids make you feel then you better fill your life with Nicole McKinney asapppp.” 4 / 5 Stars (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“The amount of emphasis and purpose that Nicole puts behind those four little letters is something else. Stay, she entreats. It’s powerful and passionate. I felt it.”
4 / 5 Stars (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

“It’s a slow, aching song” (NME)

“A feverish outpouring of love and longing, anger and anguish.” (Atwood Magazine)

Last weekend, Nicole McKinney kicked off her very first tour – a little run around South-East Queensland, starting with Hidden Lanes Festival Aug 14th and a live Twitch switch streaming thanks to the folks at Superordinary (Brisbane Street Art Festival / Yonder Festival).

It’s been a big year for McKinney, starting with the release of the Hollywood Girls Music Video in January, directed and produced by Phoebe Faye. The video was also very recently added to the West End Film Festival ‘Unofficial Selection’ list – except the committee removed it from the screening night as it was regarded as “risque”. Guess a music video about strippers isn’t family friendly, even if they are fully dressed.

Soon after, Nicole released singles Another Day and Stay, both premiering on Triple J pre-release. Another Day, with a dynamic indie-rock composition and an empowering, emotional pull introduced the theme of putting yourself first, even if it means losing everyone else around you. Then, the slow-burning surge of Stay followed, where Nicole’s unguarded vocals simmer with the conflicting feelings of bitterness and dependency that arise during a breakup.

These two singles received buckets of praise from the likes of TheMusic, NME, Atwood Magazine, Triple J, Double J, Triple J Unearthed, ABC Radio, AU Review, Scenestr, Broaderlines, 4ZZZ and more. And it was all leading to the indie magic of ‘The Process’ EP. 

“I hope this EP can comfort a broken heart, inspire someone to leave toxic friends or partners and most of all, ensure patience with our own healing process.” – Nicole McKinney

And in between all this, and the challenges of live music in the current environment, Nicole has had some incredible gigs. The sold out Another Day single launch with Harry Wall & James Gatling (WAAX), supporting Slowly Slowly (solo) at Black Bear Lodge, and recently jumping on a last-minute cosy soloist event with Chris Langenberg (Sweater Curse) and Jackson Van Issum (Beddy Rays).

August 21 | Solbar, SUNSHINE COAST w/ ELOELO & SOAP
September 2 | Vinnies Dive, GOLD COAST w/ SAMMM. & PIPIN
September 12 | Bar Wunder, TOOWOOMBA w/ SAMMM. (solo)
September 25 | Hotel Carrington, BRISBANE w/ ARRAN McNAMARA

Debut EP ‘The Process’ is out NOW

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