Words by: Tracey Moyle {Music Maven}

Brisbane masters of high energy, riff driven tunes Rude Rum are back with a absolute belter of a single.The band are at their rockin’ best with their groove infused, catchy as fuck, new single TALK.

Proving they’ll never adhere to musical boundaries, the bands usual funk driven hooks have been taken to an electrifying new level. Adding an elevated excitement to their sound, TALK bursts with an infectious energy that will leave the listener dancing along.

Rude Rum‘s inclination for funk infused rock, flowing with brilliant bass licks, has taken on a pure rock essence with their new track. This riff driven anthem has embraced everything Rude Rum represent while adding a power-groove, dripping in blistering bass lines. The Brisbane trio have always embraced infectiously good feels injecting them into their catchy tracks, TALK is an energising power surge.

Jaeden Ogston (guitarist/vocalist), India Raine (bassist) and Jono Frowd (drummer) make Rude Rum feel like much more than a trio. With an alt rock feel akin to Royal Blood pumping through the veins of this track, there’s an energy that flows out of the speaker into your immediate surrounds. Guitar, bass and drums play their distinct roles in this pearler, all while coming together, to not just support but compliment each other, creating the perfect foundation for Ogston’s dynamic vocals.

Rude Rum are yet another example of Brisbane’s growing local music scene, spawning a calibre of musicians more than capable of taking the world by storm. TALK is solid evidence that Rude Rum have the ability to sit high on the list of bands firing up the rock genre to an eager audience. An audience of contemporary music lovers craving the resurgence of a new dynamic era in rock.

TALK is available now on all streaming services.

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