MERMAID WATERS Set To Release Fierce New Single ‘The Grudge’

On September 10th, suburban Gold Coast based rock duo Mermaid Waters are set to release their fierce and energetic single The Grudge across all streaming platforms.

2 hard working boys from the suburbs of Gold Coast, Mermaid Waters display a sound bigger than their sum. With the release of their hard hitting debut single Royalty earlier in July, following their formation in May this year, we can expect a continuous persistence to deliver anthemic rock tracks to spark the rebellious flame in everyone. These two boys are set to display a sound inspired by more heavier Nu-Metal/Punk acts while also fusing it with modern Indie twist.

Frontman/Drummer Liam M.R Chappy shares a rough backstory in regards to their upcoming single The Grudge: “It feels empowering to be seen as the bad guy for once. When you try to be liked and accepted by everyone, feeling left out starts to become familiar… As if you don’t belong anywhere no one gives you a chance to be yourself. It took me 20 years to accept that sometimes we don’t need validation from anyone but ourselves in order to be happy… and not everyone will see that you’re just trying your best to make it to tomorrow.”



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