DANI TEVELUWE Releases Stunning New Single ‘Movin’ On’

If you recognise Dani, there’s a good chance it might not be because of music. 

A teacher by day and emerging Gold Coast musician, if you’re went to school on the GC, she might have taught you your times tables.

Stepping out on her own and releasing solo this year, 2021 has been a big year for Dani. Getting multiple Triple J plays and reviews, securing a song writing session with Eskimo Joe’s Joel Quartermain and having her track selected for First Sounds compilation album are just a few of the wins she’s experienced. Releasing in 2021 has not only been a great learning curve, but an equally successful venture.

Dani has a dynamic voice, with depth and soul often likened to Amy Winehouse complemented by a delicate softness of Norah Jones.  Her music is optimistic, fluid and soulful, this chick is definitely one to watch.

Dani has now released her latest track, Movin’ On.  A sweet and soulful tune written in just ten minutes, Dani vulnerably shares her experience of realising she was quite the people pleaser and deciding to part ways with that habit and move on.

It’s hard to describe, but something just really hits with this song.  Maybe it’s because a lot of us can relate?  Wanting approval from others? Harmony in our social interactions. 

Sweet, soft and still optimistic, Movin’ On echoes the intent of Alicia Key’s Grammercy Park with dreamy music production likened to JOY’s Change.

Written in just ten minutes, like Stevie Nick’s Dreams, these lyrics are a pure stream of consciousness processing the exact moment Dani decided she was enough, and it was time to just be herself, irrespective of other’s opinions.

Movin’ On is out now.

Check out Dani’s previously released Weight Off music video below:

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