GENIIE BOY Let Their Quirk Out In Feel-Good Music Video For ‘Bad Company’

“Is it a pop song? Is it a rock song? Is it even a song? Maybe it’s more of an affirmation! Point is, I don’t what they’re doing or how they’re doing but I know that it’s good and I want more of it.” 
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

“vibrant pop with soulfully charged grooves reminscent of dulcie.
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

The layers in this track! Taking me for a sweet old ride! Groovy track with feel good energy!”
4 / 5 (Tom Forrest, Triple J)

“‘Bad Company’ is an ice-cream sundae with the lot.” (AU Review)

Pairing with their feel-good indie-pop single Bad Company that was released a few short weeks ago, GENIIE BOY are showing off their fun-loving and quirky nature in their new music video.

The Gold Coast duo are well-known for their playful energy which naturally goes so well with the sound that they’ve showcased since debuting earlier this year. 

To accompany the charm and uplifting feeling of Bad Company – a track that is a reminder to be loud, proud and to be the best company – is a painstakingly edited music video that features the duo’s vibrant green-screened bodies embarrassing themselves around Miami, Gold Coast. In their absolutely loveable manner, Scott French and Alisha Todd are seen getting up to all types of shenanigans, all shot while wearing full-body morph suits. 

French and Todd took the task upon themselves to edit the clip, including the arduous task of editing frame by frame their bodysuits into the stunning, vibrant patterns that are seen in the final version of the clip. Todd further elaborates on their approach: “Scott bought this green morph suit one day, with the intention of making things move around in the clip as an invisible man, and instead it sparked the idea that we should just replace our bodies with crazy patterns. So I bought a pink morph suit, (so we could have our own individual pattern projected onto our bodies) and off we went into the wild world of Miami (Gold Coast) to embarrass ourselves.” 

All in all, the result shows the duos true colours, happy demeanour and joyful outlook on life – a perfect representation of what this high-spirited track is about.

Since debuting in February this year, GENIIE BOY have seen an overwhelming amount of support from the likes of Spotify (‘Bruises’ landed on ‘Fuzzy’ playlist),  Triple JTriple J UnearthedAU ReviewAAA BackstageBlank GCScenestr, Aus Music Scene and more. 

Bad Company is out NOW – Stream HERE 
Debut EP ‘If You Have Something To Say’ will release on August 27


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